Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Randomly Incoherent Thoughts On The Looming Debacle

Universal Healthcare.
You hear about all the time.
It's coming, whether you are ready for it or not.
Its become the new 'basic right' of the political talkers.
Even this terminology is a lie. Healthcare, paid for by somebody else, is not a right.This is an entitlement.
A right is free to all, to be guaranteed and safeguarded by The Power, and costs a third party nothing.
Test this idea yourself. Does the right to free speech guarantee a taxpayer funded newspaper on every doorstep?
Does the right to bear arms mean the government is obligated to provide guns and ammo?
I'm not opposed to universal health care. Who could be against something like that, anyway.
What I'm opposed to is government run health care dressed up in bullshit terminology.
A pig by any other name is still a pig.
And calling socialism "universal" is still socialism.

What will be the effect of socializing the health care industry?
What makes people think that the same government that couldn't keep a bridge from falling down can do medicine right?
It sounds like a stretch to compare bridges to medicine, but in my view the stretch in the other direction.
Bridges, and their construction, are science. Exact. Precise. We know for sure what it takes to keep it in the air. There's not much guess work involved. It'll either work, or not.
Medicine ain't so simple. As much art as it is science, lots of educated guesswork is involved in getting a diagnosis right. And what cures most, wont cure all.
Who ya gonna blame, who will be accountable, when a misdiagnosis is made?
When talented, and gifted, professionals decide the govt isn't worth dealing with anymore, who will pay the costs in lost lives? New medicines not discovered? New techniques not tried?
Will the government set pay scales for doctors? Most definitely. Part of government control involves price fixing. Strange ain't it? We like our baseball players to get paid monstrous salaries which leads to ever greater perfection of their craft, but haven't stopped to consider what price controls would do to the future of medicine.
Will there be price controls on how much lawyers get paid suing doctors? Somehow, I doubt that, since it will be lawyers ultimately writing, and approving, the legislation. H
How many lives have lawyers saved? How many new cancer breakthroughs are discovered in a courtroom?
Can you show me one person brought back from the brink of death by John Edwards? Given this,can you really justify his level of wealth compared to any doctor?

Will the lawmakers be served under the same health care coverage? Or will there be one system for them, and one for us, like it is now?
Can any senator rightfully, and morally, claim that he deserves better care than any one member of our military? Well, they currently do now. You really think this will change when we go to government medicine?

For me, there is only one over riding principle when deciding health care policy:
The most good, to the most people, for the longest length of time.

And there ain't no way in hell I'm going to trust this to the same people who couldn't deliver water to their own charges in the Superdome.


Guitarman said...

But how do you really feel about it Gino? How many millions are going to quit their jobs on that very day the Gov. starts picking up the doctor bill. This is just a bad idea for our country.

kr said...

yep, largely agree
but of course you knew that already ;)

'look forward to your return :)