Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Plea From The Plantation

For the past 15yrs I've worked in the corrugated box industry. More specifically, as part of the crew of a large conglomeration of machines tied together, and known as a corrugator. Basic concept: run paper through a fluting process, glue it together, and cut to size to provide blanks that are then converted into boxes..It works kinda like this.

And looks kinda like this...
With the exception of the physical demands associated with any mill operation, it ain't that hard. Any Mexican or redneck can do it. (Unless you're a twenty-something white boy who hasn't learned the meaning of work. And that's most of 'em.)
As we are heavily involved in servicing California's produce industry, this just happens to be the busiest time of year for me, with the strawberry harvest in full swing (my plant supplies an obscene percentage of the national market in this niche). Odds are good I had a hand,personally, in that flat of berries you picked up at the market.

The result: Yours truly, (that be me), has been putting in 70-80 hours a week the past month. The dogs are barkin' and the rest of me is dead ass tired as well.

Your duty: Stop buying strawberries, goddammit. My bones are getting too old for this shit.

Give It A Week...

OK, I know.
It's already been over a week.
I'll be back.

Got stuff on my plate piled high as a southern buffet, and my life is looking somthing like this...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Looking For Me?

You know who you are.

Contact info can be found in my profile located in the upper right-hand corner.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's OK! He's A Conservative.

The resemblance doesn't stop here!

Another cry for Big Daddy.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Conan The Barbarian meets Last Of The Mohicans,
Complete with dramatic end of story final combat on the edge of a cliff, this time with swords.
If any film screamed "direct to DVD", this was it.
Don't bother.
It. Sucked.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wendy Kicked Your Girlie Ass!

Bad girls come. And bad girls go.
But nobody in the music scene was a bad as Wendy O. Williams.
A former porn actress/sex worker, who went from exploited to exploiter, fronting the punk band The Plasmatics, Wendy blazed a trail through rock and roll that nobody has been able to match. Sure, we seem to have had a steady stream of 'angry bitch' recording artists throughout the 90's, and still to this day, but none of these wimpy fake Barbies can match the bitch level set before them. They are all girlie-girls by comparison. I don't care how many tattoo's they got to prove otherwise.

A passionate blend of erotica and rage, Wendy actually knew how to use a chainsaw, sledgehammer and a shotgun, (unlike most 'professional' feminists), destroying cars and guitars onstage(or anything else), often topless, while defying all social conventions and bridging the gap between metal and punk. Waging war against the status quo, she was Girl Power before Girl Power was a cheap marketing gimmick.

The Rock World's baddest bad girl. And always will be.

Spinning the Plasmatics (on vinyl,back then) turned every gathering into a party, and every party into neighborhood bust-up.
You want to see blogger tributes to the 80's?
This is the 80's!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Random Thought...

I remain convinced that Woman exists for the sole purpose of separating Man from his money.

Black Book

Yeah, here's another movie review. Given your responses to previous well-written reviews of some great flicks, I've decided not to waste my time boring you all with my efforts. Let's just say that I've found a new favorite actress, who dominates the screen (she is almost always on camera in this film) and can turn facial expressions on a dime. Black Book has something for both sides of the movie house: romantic tear jerker scenes for the ladies; ample violence and boobage for the menfolk.

View the trailer here.Fair warning: not likely SFW. Un-rated Euro trailer.Includes a couple of boobie-flashes.

Paul Verhoeven turns out a winner with this one.
I like this director for his willingness to not let the 'limits' confine his art, as opposed to others who seem to make their art all about breaking the limits. That, and he possesses a sense of humility. Any director who would actually show up to receive hisRazzie Award(for Showgirls) you've got to respect.

Enjoy the show!

(If you think you notice I have a pattern of foreign film watching, you're right.)

Friday, April 06, 2007

Wishing you all a happy and holy Easter weekend.
Thanks for stopping by.
Be back monday.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I'm Old Enough To Remember, Not Old Enough To Have Forgotten

Former President Jimmy Carter expressed his support for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's trip to Syria

"I was glad that she went," Carter said Wednesday. "When there is a crisis, the best way to help resolve the crisis is to deal with the people who are instrumental in the problem."

How the hell would he know?

For his next sermon, Jimmy will discuss how to manage an economy, control inflation, assure a strong oil supply,earn the respect of dictators, keeping our kids off pot, how to lead the Democrats into the future, the vital differences between "yawl" and "y'all" and why his party is symbolized by an ass.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Now, For A Different Kind Of 'Chocolate' Jesus

Oh, come on...
You knew it was coming.

It's the Obama Jesus!

In another grand case of dumbing down art, this paper mache creation is being passed off as sculpture. And once again, I think MichelAngelo would be less than impressed.

Seriously, Mexicans have been creating such sculptures for centuries, and none of them need four years of art college before doing so.

Displaying great wisdom, the artist has chosen a hollow medium for his work.Therefore I do give him credit for at least being philosphically correct in regard to his subject.
That, and said fellow seems to have a tongue-in-cheek sarcastic attitude toward the whole idea.
"All of this is a response to what I've been witnessing and hearing, this idea that Barack is sort of a potential savior that might come and absolve the country of all its sins," Cordero said. "In a lot of ways it's about caution in assigning all these inflated expectations on one individual, and expecting them to change something that many hands have shaped."

I'm thinkin... I kinda like this artist guy. At least he gets it.

After this little display has had it's run, this hollow blob of paper and glue can always be filled with candy and donated to a Mexican birthday party.

Just think of the great newscoverage, and ensuing caterwauling, when the media films 'Obama' hanging from a tree and beat with stick.
Even the joyless Hillary can get a kick out of that.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Let Them Have New York Since We Aren't Using It Anymore

There has been some controversy,again, surrounding another one of New York's weirdo 'artists'.
The latest involves this guy, and his latest, and obviously successful, cry for attention: NY gallery cancels naked chocolate Jesus exhibit.

I don't know what this artist's intent was in creating a sculpture of some outstretched naked man out of chocolate, and presenting it as Jesus. But a quick perusal of his website may offer some clues. Photographing a bed covered with sliced ham? Using fecal matter as a medium? The naked posterior of a woman with rude verbiage written across it?

This guy does display a minimal level of artistic talent,but he ain't no Michelangelo. I've seen better works when I was failing to attend classes at the junior college. But what ever little shred of ability he does have seems to be overwhelmed by his sophomoric level of expression.
Get real, ya moron... 'poopie' stopped being funny when the rest of your classmates were still in grade school.

And this masquerade just happens to be taking place in what is supposed to be the cultural and artistic capital of the United States? heh... maybe the jihadists are right about us after all.