Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's About Bill, Stupid

Much is being said about Hillary becoming the next president. I do believe it will happen, and have predicted it some time ago. I'll stand by my prediction. Sorry, folks. Gonna happen.

Hillary is a feminist icon. This we all know. What is not so widely reported is she has gotten where she is as a direct result of the man she chose to breed with. Similarly, she will get to the White House the same way. It's all up to Bill. Throughout her legal,political, and business career she was sought out, or deferred to, through her connection to Bill.
Bill is a natural born politician. He knows how to smooze. He has a crew of diehard operatives who benefit handsomely, of course, as a result of their endeavors in his name. He knows how to punish,reward,use and abuse at his will. And he knows how to strategise.
Bill will be advising the Hillary campaign. She needs him, and all he brings to the effort. Politically, Hillary isnt that bright. If she goes it without Bill, she's a loser. That she knows, and he knows all too well.

What this election really comes down to is whether or not Bill finds it in his interests to be husband to the president. I can see Bill going over in his head whether or not he wants the White House perks, the center stage, the Rock Star status, and babes... or if maybe he would rather have these things (which he already has) without having to defer to Hillary.
I dont buy for one minute that he wants his wife to be president. If she is elected, his personality is such that he will be upstaging her at every event. And he will have the magical ability to control the news flow. He will use his media popularity to control policy decisions. In effect, it will be Bill's third term. Bet on it.

It's a toss up. Will he sabotage her campaign through well placed bad advice? Or be in it to win?
It's about Bill. Everything with this couple has been about Bill. Everything with Bill is about Bill.
Whatever Bill finds to be in his best interests is how this will develope.
I'm still betting Bill wants to win.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Calling The Kettle Offensive

College students looking for lame excuses to drink beer malt liquor and act stupid will find any occasion to do so.
Not much news here.

Also not news: Colored Negroe Black African-American activists looking for a reason to be offended and act stupid are equally creative.
Case in point:
MLK Party Causes Uproar
I feel like there is no excuse for this type of ignorance," said Donald Ray Elder, president of the Stephenville school's chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

That upsets me," Elder said. "That's someone who knows nothing about Dr. King, because Dr. King was totally about nonviolence."
No word on whether Mr. Elder thinks Dr. King would approve of some of those cherished black Image Award recipients, awarded by, of course, the same organisation Mr. Elder himself is a leader of. Such shining examples of black imagery as Tupac Shakur, L.L. Cool Jay, sex offender/videographer R. Kelly.

Is this Mr. Elder starring in his own minstrel show or something? Does he not see how ridiculous he, and his cause, looks complaining about a bunch of white students aping the same black millionaires he praises?

Maybe, just maybe, college students who have spent their entire academic life suckled at the educational teet of "diversity","sensitivity" ,"multi-culturalism" and 15% of each school year dedicated to black history will stop lampooning Blacks when Blacks stop giving Image Awards to living,breathing Black Cartoons.

On a positive note:at least the white students didn't drive off and shoot up the neighborhood.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

What A Joke

The ICE arrest of 761 illegals in Southern California is a shinning example of government incompetence at work. *LINK*
Even more so when you see that more than half of the illegals were already in custody in local jails. How much work could that have been?

Unfortunately, while ICE arrested 761 illegals in one week, well more than 2500 were entering the country every day.

I predict these 761 will be back among us by the following week.


nothing to say here, just testing something out for my pal, kingdavid.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What I Want To Hear, But Won't, So Won't Bother Listening

My fellow Americans,
Three Score and One year ago, our nation showed its great war-making prowess with the bombing of Dresden. An honorable and driving-home-the-point act of excessive and gratuitous violence. It was war fought back in the time, not that long ago, when war meant something. Back then we didn't worry about the hearts and minds of our enemy. We conquered them. We battled their armies. We slaughtered their men. We killed their children while they slept in their beds. We made their women cry. We ground their cities into smoldering dust and rubble. We kicked their ass. All of them.
America was master of the world. We proved it. They accepted it.

Today, the State of the Union is sissified.
We are stuck in a war we have not the will to win.
We care too highly for the tender sensitivities of the enemy.
We respect their dignity.
We honor their lives, pay tribute to their leaders, and wish the very best for them.
We are undermined at home and abroad by pantywaisted foreign policy 'experts',while our own politicians play partisan games with our soldiers' lives in an attempt to gain power for themselves.

Unless we can stomach the will to create more Dresdens, we will face our own Dresden at home. Weakness feeds the enemy. And we are weak.

Let my presidency be an example to any future president. You cannot lead a nation into war, even with the best of intentions, that is not willing to win that war the way wars have always been won in the past.

I am calling upon the American people to stand with me while I totally revamp the way America views its foreign policy. We will no longer intervene in other nation's affairs. We will not spread our democratic values through the barrel of a gun. We will not interfere in genocides or famines on in other lands. We have engaged in the foolery of nation building for the last time.
To implement this new strategery, I have ordered all United States armed forces currently serving abroad to withdraw back home, blowing the hell out of their bases, pillaging all they can carry, destroying the cities they have until now patrolled, poisoning the ground water and sowing salt into the earth on their way out.
Starting tomorrow morning, I have ordered the Army to begin the demolition of the United Nations building, and a memorial to non-interventionism erected in its place.
We will withdraw foriegn aid funding.
Real Homeland Security begins in our homes. In recognition of this, I am calling for, and will work to enact, a constitutional ammendment reversing the Kelo decision.
And we can do all this without raising taxes.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

What Really Matters

Two sausage pizzas: $27

12-pack of Rolling Rock: $9.49

Sharing it all with my son while watching Da Bears beat the Saints: Priceless.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

It's Official

Now comes all those scripted Town Hall meetings with pre-screened random regular folk just like us.
Let's just assume that you were lucky enough to squeak through the screening process.
And even luckier still, actually was called upon and allowed to ask your pre-approved question, which was handed to you on a 3x5 note card. Sensing this is your big chance for a totally random IRS audit, you ditch the planted question and go 'balls out', zinging that bitch with THE question guaranteed to cost you your job and new set of tires.
What would that question be?
Since you claim to be qualified based upon your deep involvement in your husband's administration where you cant remember anything when called to answer for it, arent you, in fact, totally unqualified for the job?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bitter Harvest

It looks like the figures are in: somewhere near 75% of the California citrus crop has been lost to Global Warming unseasonably freezing temperatures.
In his role as free market GOP governor, Ahnold has called for emergency relief to pay the farmers for their failed crop..*LINK* (how the crop be a failure if somebody is paying them for it, is beyond my ability to reason, but then again, this is California... where, as I've stated before, executions that result in death are still called 'botched').

I love oranges. Especially large,sweet,juicy naval oranges. When in season, i generally buy 6-7 lbs(sometimes more) of oranges a week. Naturally, the tightened supply of fresh oranges are going to cost me 3-4 times what I normally pay for them this time of year. Instead, I wont buy as much. Meaning I will still pay 2-3 times as much money for a lot fewer oranges. This mark-up, of course, will begin with the growers.
Well and good, in theory.
The market acts as its own goods rationor, extending limited supply to more consumers.

But let's not forget, these citrus growers are already being compensated for the failed(?) crop through higher prices at the market. And now the governor wants to pay them again. Paid for out of my taxes. I am paying more for these goods than just the price at checkout. Essentially, I am buying them twice.

I don't like getting hosed by freeloaders at the government teet.
And I refuse to get squeezed by a Cabal of Unprepareds who think I owe them something for their personal business failings.

I am boycotting all California citrus for one year.
At the least.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Who Pays The Price?

During a January 11 Senate hearing, Sen Boxer discounted the policy-making abilities of Condi Rice because she has failed to breed.
"I'm not going to pay a price. My kids are too old. My grandchild is too young." Boxer's answer misses the point completely.
Decisions made now, just as decisions made in the past, will determine what prices our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren pay.
Vietnam showed an America unwilling to win a vicious war. And an American generation unwilling to commit as generations before them.
America was starting to be seen as a paper tiger.
The Persian Gulf War showed an America willing to win, as long as it was quick, and relatively painless, without getting too dirty for television.
Somalia made it clear to terror groups that America was the paper tiger they suspected it was.
America became an easy mark.
Determined not to show itself as the paper tiger, America goes into Iraq, and still unwilling to wage total war, has become that paper tiger.

The only way out of future involvements is to not get involved in other poeple's business. We are involved in our own domino effect: one leads to another, that feeds another, and another...
There will be future attacks on American civilians. Count on it. It will not stop until we call it all back home. Like I said previously

And neither political side, left or right, will get us to this point. The 'right' wants to use our might to promote democracy ,American values, and protect the Zionist dream.
The left wants us to 'do something' about DarFur. This something, of course, requires American military waging war without any pretense of being in American interests.

Decisions are being made right now. And nothing decided that is currently on the table will leave our children and grandchildren without a price to pay.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Another Reason Why Islam Sucks

Some things are just too damn stupid to offer any further comment.
Read It Yourself

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Missing Links? Not Here.

From time to time, I like to visit other blogs and 'run through the roll' so to speak. Actually, I do this regularly.
Seems some bloggers really like to put up a big blog roll. I've visited some sites where there must be over 100 links, some more, of various blogs.
I come from the viewpoint that says "It's your blog, do what you want." But I wonder just how often these bloggers ever visit the links they've put up. On a lot of these heavily linking blogs, most of the links no longer exist, or nobody has posted on the blog in months. Whenever I visit one of these, it gets me wondering if they run their life this way. Is their world a mess of clutter and unfinished business? Have they got shit laying 'round the house just begging to be picked up and tossed?
Does the roll even mean anything to them, or is it just a fanciful decoration intended to impress?
Do they still have leftover turkey(jerky) from Thanksgiving in the fridge?
Are the Christmas decorations still out in July?
Do they send cards to people long dead, just because the address is still in the Rolodex?
Do they purge the coupon file?

To those treasured few who frequent here: My roll is active. All links do indeed link. I visit them myself most regularly. They, and the righteous souls behind them, are part of what I do here, and are the very reason this blog exists. Without a living community, I'm not much more than fool talking to myself.
They all matter. Each and every one.

If you've got the time, visit the diverse and varied folks who live on my rather small roll. I guarantee, there are no black holes, they're all infinitely smarter and better versed than I, and you might find another gem to add to your own travels.

You'll also get a better idea of what kind of company I'm not afraid to be associated with.

Friday, January 12, 2007

It Ain't Just Talking Anymore

From super secret spy world of James Bond movies, we now have money that doesnt just talk, it snitches,too.?*LINK*
Canadian coins containing tiny transmitters have mysteriously turned up in the pockets of at least three American contractors who visited Canada, says a branch of the U.S. Defense Department.
Oops, this wasnt supposed to get out. The latest has the Defense Department now playing down the story. *LINK*?
“There is no story there,” the official, who asked not to be named, told The Globe and Mail.

Remember,fellas, if you find any funny looking over-sized bird coins in your pocket (the Canadians call it a 'Loonie'), be careful as to your whereabouts. You wouldnt want all your secret moves revealed.

I can just imagine what this micro-technology can do in the hands of private investigator.
Or worse...wives may purchase transmitter coins, drop in a coat pocket, and monitor husband's travel around town, all from the comfort of home via the internet.
Domestic Lo-Jack? Could this be on the horizon?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Not Much, How 'Bout You?

I avoid State Of The Union addresses informercials, regardless of who is giving them. Been my practice for about, oh... cant remember. I can just tell you that the last time I listened to one Ronald Reagan was giving it. And I didnt have kids yet. So, its been at least 20 years.

I've decided to bore you all with a bit more substance, instead. It's the little things that matter more than politics,war,the nation... the things that bring a smile, a chuckle, or any one of the many threads that weave together in the fabric of my life that that provides the 'comfort zone' that I come home to.
One of these threads is also responsible for so many of the frayed edges in my worn out sofa.

This is Ted. Tipping the scales at a whopping 4.5 lbs. Hyper-energetic. Dangerously curious. Forever on the prowl. Never bored. Nor boring. He's my problem child.
Not many cats come this small, or this gracefully beautiful.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Pink Ribbon Awareness

Yes, the Pink Ribbon, for years the understood symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness. You see, pinning on a pink ribbon is supposed to demonstrate that the wearer cares about breast cancer. A silly gesture, if you ask me. I'm not aware of a single man or women,although in this case it's supposed to be a pro-woman thing, being saved from breast cancer because somebody, somewhere, wore a ribbon demonstrating 'caring'.

We all care. I care. And to prove it,I make sure my woman gets her mammograms done Any decent man would. And he need not wear a ribbon when doing so.

It has long been suggested that regular exercise helps reduce the risk of breast cancer in women. Now, it appears this has been a bit of an overstatement. A new study in the UK suggests something a little different: housework reduces by 20% the risk of breast cancer.

It appears just when feminists were on the verge of re-ordering society and goading all women out of the home and into the labor force (for their own good),biology once again gets in the way.

So pay heed, ladies.
Clean house.
Don't do it for your man.
Don't do it for your kids.
Do it for you.
Tie this pink ribbon instead.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Adventures In Babysitting Pt III: The Aftermath

Boyfriend returned this afternoon to retrieve his rodentia. Upon entrance to the 'safe room', he noticed I had left one of the cage doors open, and the little critters had spent a jolly good time exploring their new larger digs. Oh well... what's several feet of cable cord I wasnt using anyway.
I'm just glad they didnt find the plugged-in electrical cord tasty as well, or I may have had chinchilla cripsies to explain my way out of.

Gonna miss the little vermin. They were sorta fun, in a painintheass kinda way.
But at least I got some cute pictures to remember them by (along with a carpet full of pellet poop and fuzzy hair fluff to vacuum up.)

See ya later,kids. It was fun.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sympathy For The Devil

So it appears Saddam did indeed have a few friends in Europe who weren't French.
Get over it. Saddam is dead. He was successfully hanged. It's not necessarily a bad thing.

Protests such as these really make a mockery of Europe and it's 'progressive' sensibilities. Take Italy, which is upset with the hanging of Saddam, and have called for a worldwide moratorium on the death penalty.
Italians, for all their faults, used to be a fairly commonsensical people. Apparently, all the proper-minded Italians have left for a distant shore.

Yes, this is the same nation that didn't seem to have any reservations with how they dealt with their own asshole dictator not all that long ago. But I guess that was different, wasn't it? It's always a different standard for 'progressives' than the one they want everybody else to follow.
And I don't remember anybody lighting up national landmarks calling for a 'moratorium' on killing when it was Saddam gassing Kurds and executing dissenters.

I have a better idea. Let's call for a worldwide moratorium on graft, bribery, and kleptocratic governments. You think Italy will be on board for that one?

Friday, January 05, 2007

Punked Out!

Opening his second term, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will proudly proclaim himself a centrist and eschew the partisanship that he says is the root of political paralysis and voter disenchantment
Translation: "The Democrats kicked my ass with partisan attacks, so now I have become one of them"
"Centrist does not mean weak. It does not mean watered down or watered over,"
Yes, it does.
It will be the governor's first public appearance since he tripped and fell on an Idaho ski slope on Dec. 23, fracturing his right femur. Schwarzenegger had surgery on his leg three days later and is expected to fully recover.
His leg will heal, but he'll still be lame.
Schwarzenegger knows firsthand the utility of a bipartisan approach. He tried a more conservative course early in his first term, souring relations with the Legislature and causing his job approval rating to plummet.
What he really knows firsthand is the overwhelming inability of a political sissy to defend himself against political attack ads funded with the dues of public employee unions.
"No one ideology can solve prison reform or immigration reform or any of the other challenges facing us," the speech reads. "It will take the best ideas of everyone. It will take creative thinking. It will take negotiations. It will take letting go of the past."
No Ahnold. It will take a man with wisdom, courage, conviction,strength, and accumen who doesn't run from the field of battle when they get hit. In other words: somebody else besides YOU.
The inaugural address won't include as many specifics about what the governor wants to accomplish.
Of course not. These will be handed to him by legislative Democrats.
But it lays out a kind of utopian vision of California that Schwarzenegger says is achievable.
Yeah, like his recent proposal to guarantee free health care to wetbacks.
Schwarzenegger will also talk about his multibillion-dollar plan to rebuild state roads and improve ports.
With what money? You've already spent us into record levels previously unseen, and campaigned for, and won, increased debt on top of it all.
And he will refer to a time when government might be rejuvenated because of his push to introduce more competition in state elections.
Just like he refused to campaign in any one of a number of close elections that might have weakened one-party rule, guaranteeing that no incumbent lost, or a single seat changed party hands..
Schwarzenegger's swearing-in ceremony is the coda to a remarkable political turnaround. In 2005, the governor triggered a confrontation with Democratic lawmakers and interest groups, calling a special election in which he tried to curb state spending and impose restraints on the way labor unions spend campaign money.
His political inaction, plus incompetence, led to a first rate asswhipping. Afterwards,he sold his voters down the river, grabbed his ankles, and took it with a smile.
The inaugural address was written by Landon Parvin, a speechwriter for former President Ronald Reagan.
But Ahnold ain't no Ronald Reagan.

Action Hero, Body Builder...Terminator... whatever... I've seen bigger balls on mice.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Adventures In Babysitting Pt II: Attack Of The Beasts

And they jump,too!
Tonite's feeding was more exciting than in days past. They've obviously become quite comfortable with my presence.
This is Raca, one second before landing on my head:

(notice the strategically poised hind feet)
After which she shimmied down my spine, ran across the floor, behind the dresser... can just guess the rest.
Eventually, she ended up captured and re-caged. But not before giving her friend a similar idea.

This is Coos, just before attempting the same maneuver. A quick reflex on my part, and she was foiled. Actually, she landed on my shoulder, ran down my arm... right back into the cage. HaHa. Sucker.

Just a few days of this left...

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Adventures In Babysitting

Daughter's boyfriend is off in Portland (OR), visiting his dad for the holidays, and I've been drafted to babysit his two chinchillas. I don't mind. He's a good kid, a promising young man, and, well... he also volunteered to sit my cats while I was away last November.
So hear I am. Chinchilla-sitting.

I've always heard that Chinchillas have the softest fur of any mammal. Just how soft is it? So soft that my fingers, evidently worn down through years of labor, can't even feel it. The fur texture doesn't even register with my nerve endings. How soft is that? It's a lot like feeling nothing.
So, I've got a large cage occupied by two creatures the eye can see, but the senses can't recognize. Are they really there? Is this all a mirage? Nah, they're real. And need specific care. Cool climate. Daily vitamins. Whatapainintheass!

Interesting creatures. Cute as babes. Eat like pigs. Poop like geese. Luckily, it's a dry pellet poop.
Did I mention they're a pain in the ass!
Am tempted to leave the door to their safe room open so the cats can play with them.

Monday, January 01, 2007

All The Wrong Moves

Saddam has fallen for the last time.

His fate was sealed back when he was found hiding in the spider hole.
While still armed, he could have chosen to fight it out to the end instead of giving himself up to capture.

I think his best course of action should have been to meet the American forces in a field of battle, maybe in one of his palaces, and fight it out "Scarface" style. A death such as this would have enthroned him permanently in the pantheon of Pan- Arabist heroes. It must be remembered, a Pan-Arabist is what he was,and Pan-Arabism the foundational reasoning behind many of his deeds, good and bad.

The defeat and fall of Saddam is another in just a long history of fatal blows to the movement of Pan-Arabism. For Arabs, I believe it is in their own best interest to adopt the ideology, forming a united front against western economic imperialism, and with it, a rising Arab state that could possibly lead the world in science,philosophy, trade and architecture as was once the case in the distant past.

Pan-Arabism focused heavily on education and Arab independence from outside forces. Contrary to what many believe: Pan-Arabism is secular, and culturally progressive. Iraq, under Saddam and the Ba'ath Party, was able to boast one of the most highly educated populations in the world, with a very high percentage of woman in the sciences and medical fields.
Saddam was a hero to many Arabs for his struggle to improve Arabs generally, and increase their standing on the world stage.

One of the biggest threats to Pan-Arabism, and all the positives I believe that can be had through it, is the rise, since the 1960's, of Pan-Islamism. When the Arab Nationalists couldn't produce the economic growth promised, some segments of Arabia embraced Islamism as the solution to the region's problems.
But the biggest threat, in my opinion, to Pan-Arabism is Arabs themselves. Arabs seem to be beholden to a certain hierarchy of loyalties that we in the West cant relate to. Family and clan loyalties come first; followed by tribal identity; religion comes next, and ethnicity(Arabism) comes in last. No policy of the west can change the Arab mind, and Pan-Arabists certainly haven't been able to overcome this problem either. It is these same priorities of loyalty that made it necessary for Saddam and his Ba'athists to rule Iraq with the firmness that made him famous. This explains his favorable treatment of Sunni's over Shi'ites; oppression of non-Arab Kurds and Turks; his hatred for Persians and Zionists; and his refusal to be cowed by the west. The oppression required to maintain and promote Ba'athist ideals while clinging to power created the fertile ground for his undoing, and nurtured in his own nation a sizable list of enemy movements that delighted in his hanging.

In his wake, he still leaves a sizable following of Pan-Arabist believers. And this ideology still has a strong adherence in the Arab media and intellectual circles. They will be back. Maybe next time they can ditch the socialistic policies enough to provide the economic growth to truly take hold, displace Islamism as the cure to the regions ills, and be a positive force for the advancement of civilization, as Arabs once were, oh, so long ago...