Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Bubba Tag

I've been slacking off, and haven't done the "Six Things You Don't Know About Me" meme that Uncle Bubba tagged me with what, maybe two weeks ago, now?

It seems, thanks to Ben, that I am now the last tagged standing.

Here we go. (Warning you: I'm not all that interesting, so bear with.)

I. Last Tuesday, I was called into the office and grilled about the three goldfish left swimming in the water cooler of the supervisors' office. I didn't do it, but I'm kinda enjoying the idea that some think I did.

II. I usually start a book, lose interest about half-way through, and start another, and this pattern just keeps on going. At times I have up to four books, part-way read, on the nightstand. I finish everything, eventually. My interest seems to run in the category of first or second person accounts of somebody else's biography.
Currently on the nightstand:Mother Angelica,Warlord, and Reagan. Recently finished:Shooter and My Grandfather's Son. I highly recommend both of these, by the way. Not for political reasons, but for insights into the times and circumstances about which they were written.

III. I'm up to 297 Pespsi-Points, and starting to pick out the first of my new DVD's and CD's. Go head, and send any Pepsi codes you don't want to the email address in the profile. It's all for a worthy cause.

IV. Like Ben, I also have not read "Atlas Shrugged",and I have no intention of reading it, and I don't give a damn if it's the politically/philosophically/intellectually cool thing to do. Or not.

V. I have no tattoos anywhere on my body. I don't care if other folks want to go that route or not, but personally, nothing is as much a turn-off as seeing them on women. So, to the ladies out there, one good way to avoid my attentions is to ink yourself up. Luckily for me, I grew up before all this ink fetish took hold among the every day population, or I still be without a mate.

VI. I believe that no woman should be required to change a flat tire or stand while an able bodied male sits. So, I'm a chauvinist. Get over it.
This rule is voided if the gal in question has an armful of tattoos or a bunch of hardware piercing her face that resembles a tackle box.


Brian said...

Reading Atlas Shrugged diminishes in coolness exponentially after age 20.

kingdavid said...

I'll start sending you my Pepsi points. I was doing the Coke points for a while, but I never saved them up. I just entered alot of their sweepstakes giveaways for 3 pts a pop. (never won anything though)

I agree with you on VI. I think most women still appreciate a guy being a gentleman; though I do remember one particularly annoying occurrence when some woman really snapped at me for holding the door open for her. Just like you can't change stupid; sometimes you just can't change someone from being a bitch.

Bike Bubba said...

You know, I think rule VI is not voided, but is made more crucial, if the gal has lots of tattoos or looks like she's had a bad experience with a tackle box. She needs to be re-acquainted with the benefits of being a woman, no?

Gino said...

brian: well, thats good to hear. i gettin cooler every day.

KD:the proper response would be to slam the door on her ass,then, like you would any dude. if she was still irate, then you can fight her, like you would any dude.

bubba: well, sure, i guess if i close my eyes and think of annabella i could re-aquaint her with those benefits.
but then my wife would get mad at me.

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

My two tattoos were the worst decision I ever made! Period. I hate them. As we speak, I am still trying to find a good way to get rid of those damn things.

Uncle Ben said...

Ouch, everyone's badmouthing "Atlas Shrugged". I've never read it, but now I'm even more curious.

Ditto on the tattoos. Tacky.

Gino said...

but Vas, your's are small and dont detract from your good looks.
i'm talkin about the grander kind that cant be hidden, or ignored.

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

Gino, that doesn't change the fact that I want someone to give me a laser, so I can scrape those damn things off.

Jade said...

Gino - I think the right tattoo can look rather nice on a woman.

I never did quite fully understand the multiple piercings though... that might just be because I have hayfever and when I see a nose ring all I can think of is "how do you get that out fast enough before you sneeze?"

Bike Bubba said...

My daughter (7 yrs. old at the time) figured that out, too, saying something like "if you had a nose ring and you sneezed, it could go ALL OVER".

It's awfully hard to keep from snickering whenever I see a nose ring these days.

Gino said...

OK jade: fess up. where is your's at?
true, some tats look nice. many of them look nice. my argument is with the choice of canvas on which to post the artwork.
airbrushed art looks good on a low-rider. but would you put it on your bently?

kr said...

depends on the art, gino: a Bently could look very nice with some Chinosorie(sp?), waterfalls and cherry trees and that ... . Or, if the Bently was the right color, maybe a peacock, or Celtic knotwork.


(I got my first(?) ink last fall.)

Gino said...

gonna show me? :)