Wednesday, March 26, 2008

D.B. Cooper Is Found Alive ...

... and well in the lore of the Pacific Northwest.
The latest:
A tattered, half-buried parachute unearthed by kids had D.B. Cooper country chattering Wednesday over the fate of the skyjacker, who leapt from a plane 36 years ago and into the lore of the Pacific Northwest.

I guess we'll soon know if the chute is authentic or not. If so, then The Man will be able to pinpoint the location of his landing.
It doesn't seem all that likely to me as it's been reported that portions of his money have been found in an unlikely place as to this latest location.

Here's my take:
If this is his buried parachute, then he obviously landed safely, or he could not have buried it. No brainer,there.
But, if he had landed safely, my question is why would he have taken the time to bury the chute instead of just getting to the business at hand of working his way out of the wilderness? What would be the point?
If he feared being tracked, simply stuffing the chute into/under a log or dead tree or something would have been a more efficient use of time.

I think if they ever find Copper, he will be just a few scattered bone fragments, and nothing more.


Allan said...

Personally, I think they'll find bone fragments underneath the rest of the parachute...

Jade said...

They should dig it up... just to see where the parachute came from anyway.

Kinda makes me want to take a detour the next time I make a trip to Portland...maybe hike a bit here and there.

Gino said...

allan: ditto. i'm sure he might be hanging/impaled on a tree somewhere.

jade: if you come into some mysterious money, will you share?