Sunday, June 08, 2008

Product Test: Bagel-fuls

Something new I saw at the grocery last week. I bought a couple boxes and decided to try them out.
I used the microwave heating method first. Pretty good for a frozen bagel. Not as good as a fresh bagel,of course. But I'd put the bread texture right there alongside any frozen or off-the-shelf bagel. The cream cheese was a little lacking. Not as creamy as Philadelphia brand, but good enough for frozen 'quick eats'.

Next, I tried one out of my toaster. (Make sure you have a wide-slotted model.) This made the bread crispy, but left the cream cheese cold. It's at this point I realized just how lacking the cream cheese was: kinda crumbly. Nothing 'cream' about it, but it still tasted good enough.

Final judgement:Overall, not bad.
Not quite the same as a real toasted bagel with cream cheese. But if you're in a hurry, or just too damn lazy to feed yourself proper, these'll work.

A box of four costs about $2.50. Kinda steep for what you get when compared to the price of a bakery bagel.


Palm boy said...

Mm. Food review, I like it.

tully said...

A couple of boxes?
You don't know if it's good and you buy a couple of boxes?
What kind of Italian ARE you?

(I guess I shouldn't talk. I don't eat anything with cheese in it...)

Gino said...

palm boy: want more?

tully: you probably dont like tomatoes, either,huh?

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

Gino and Tully,

Many food sins can be forgiven with enough marinara sauce.


Mick said...

and garlic butter, it even makes snails taste good

Palm boy said...

Sure, I'd gobble up the next one too.

*ends horrible food puns*