Monday, June 16, 2008

They'll Be Sorry

California set to punish the gay lifestyle.


Jade said...

I love sarcasm. :)

Gino said...

i'm serious.

Mick said...

I am actually kinda hoping that gay people will experience all the nasty stuff that comes with marriage and then campaign to make gay marriage illegal. So many extremists heads on both sides of the spectrum would implode from the reality warp.

Bike Bubba said...

Mick, Gino, if you think that marriage is punishment, try loving your wife like Ephesians 5 and 6 specify. You'll quickly learn that you've got a helpmeet.

Kristopher said...

How can you love someone who used to be nice then turned into megabitch? Women are evil wicked creatures and if it weren't for the fact that I'm not gay, I'd have absolutely no use for them.

Bike Bubba said...

Yeah, when they learn your attitude is like that, Kristopher, they tend to turn that way. Try Ephesians instead, friend.

I'm sorry, I have a real problem with making fun of marriage. Yes, when a person uses the relationship to indulge his own sin, his wife notices and things go south, and quick. On the other hand, those men that realize what a precious gift they've got in their wives quickly find themselves virtually buried in the truck, power tools, steaks, and guns their wives get for them.

That is, they would be if their wives didn't put all that away to make sure they got to bed in time to do something besides sleep.

Trust me on this; Ephesians 5 & 6. Read it, and take action if you're married. You won't regret it.

kr said...

bike bubba--
do you have a preffered commentary on those chapters you could link to? There are a wide(!) variety of interpretations, and I wonder which you imply. Thanks.

Gino said...

bubba: sounds good, if you were lucky/smart enough to find the women who responds in that manner to such treatment.

as it is, women are just as prone to piggish selfcentered behavior as men are.

think about it: if eph 5/6 worked every time , there would be no reason to cite it. all/most men would already have put it into practice, and forefathers would be passing it down to their sons, comedians would be writing jokes refering to it.

Mick said...

im not married though can i get a pass?

Mick said...

in any case I am not a christian so the point your trying to make is moot...I'll let kr and/or kris take over.

Mall Diva said...

Huh. One thing I'm really grateful for is that the principles in the Bible work whether you believe in them or not.

Mick said...

*shrug* I agree that the bible is a good moral guide, as are many other tomes of religion. However, since bike bubba is speaking of Ephesians 5 & 6 in the context of a (i assume, forgive me if I am wrong) pious christen person, it is a moot point for me or him to debate with each other since our positions on the root of the matter are diametrically opposite.

I made a smart aleck remark earlier and then realizing that it could leave me open for further debate on the matter, I decided to attempt to pass along the subject to those who may be christan and would be more willing to debate on a deeper level than myself, for which it would be a purely mental exercise.

For those of you who are wondering, I am a Deist

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks Bike Bubba for your positive comments!

Bike Bubba said...

Y'all, while it's true that women are sinners just as surely as men (good Biblical principle of Romans 3:23 in your first post, Mick), I can't say as I've met couples where either the wife or the husband failed to respond positively to their spouse's love. The "bitchy" wife has a bitchy husband, as a rule.

Now regarding homosexuals, I believe it is true that wrongly claiming marriage will cause misery for them; they're not designed for it. There is none of the complementarity that makes the delight of Ephesians 5& 6 work.

Uncle Ben said...

Oy, got here a little late for this one. I've got my suspicions about what causes good and bad marriages. Derogatory language about the institution or the spouse is pretty much guaranteed to end up in a lousy marriage. "Loose lips sink ships" so to speak.

Kristopher said...

All I know is that a happy marriage is a two-way street and oftentimes, a complaining nagging person on one end of the street will cause the other to simply pull over and let the car idle until it dies.

On a different note: why do homosexuals think their perverted lifestyle awards them anything special? Frankly, I could care less what they do as it does nothing to effect the positive or negative in my life or marriage.

And yes, wanting to put your penis in another man's anus is perverted. Two hot women hooking up is quite hot, though.

One last question: What is up with the butt-ugly lesbians? I mean, the reason why a woman is a lesbian is because she is supposedly attracted to women, yes? Then, why do they hook up with fat things that look more like men than their homosexual male counterparts?

That is all.

kr said...

kris, normally I don't think this about you, but that last comment was just dumbshit. Not the nagging part, which is probably accurate enough, but the rest.

Disclaimers: I am not homosexual, and in case anyone here doesn't know from one or another of my feminist rants, I'm female. And pretty damn attractive to most het men.

"Anything special:" In wanting 'equal marriage,' homosexuals don't think they are asking for anything "special," they think they are asking for the same thing heterosexuals consider a norm. _You_ may not think they are asking for the same thing ... but it's rather the entire gist of their argument, the non-specialness of what they are asking.

"Hot" lesbian activity: you have no logical right to speak out against homosexuality while at the same time creating it by your attitudes. It is either perverted (by whatever logic, usually Biblical but obviously there are other bases), or it isn't. You are, by this attraction, part of the "perversion" you judge.

Did it ever occur to you that men who encourage that sort of thing from women are in fact building tolerance for homosexuality? Because those women have to convince themselves it is "OK or good" to (1) approve of themselves and (2) approve of their man-who-encouraged-it: we like to believe 'our man' is a good guardian of us, a smart guy, a good moral agent, etc. ... so we have a strong impetus to choose to believe those things (especially if we are still operating out of the Men are the Proper Leaders of Society paradigm). And a good chunk of those women will then make the obvious logical step that it must generally be OK, if it is OK for them, and if you like them to be that way ...

And as for what is up with the butt-ugly lesbians, has it ever occured to you that women aren't bullshitting when they say things like, "What's inside matters more?" (Frankly, if it wasn't true, why the hell would anyone ever have thought to say it?) I think that is one factor (what's outside does matter--but what's inside matters more).

Another factor: a recent study at U of ... Pennsylvania maybe? ... quantified that the attributes women are attrracted to in potential partners are directly proportional to their own carefully assessed relative (to other women) attractiveness--unlike the men in the study, who were just attracted to whatever they are attracted to without regard to their own attractiveness. So, lesbians probably instinctively pair very closely across the "attractiveness' board ... and I finally understand why so many men come on to women who are, to use the harsh but probably accurate phrase, "totally out of their league." (As a woman, this was incomprehensible ... how can they not KNOW??? But, ah, if it never occurs to them, that would explain it.)

I'll leave that last paragraph hanging ... there are some very unflattering (to women) logical extensions, which I'm sure some of you can draw out.


I don't feel up to taking on any Biblical arguments, as nothing here has been very specific and I'm not gonna mount an offensive for any particular viewpoint on marriage/homosexuality/Ephesians right now.

I agree that relationship problems are generally 50/50, unless one partner actually starts choosing to abuse the other, at which point the scale can shift pretty dramatically--but never to 100/0.

Kristopher said...


I should have put an LOL on after my last post.

While I do not support the so-called right for gays to marry, I really don't care because my marriage is under God not under any court.

I would have a real problem if the courts told the Churches they had to marry homosexuals. Otherwise I really don't care.

I do think homosexual activity is immoral and perverted. However, it simply doesn't matter to me.

As for the ugly lesbian comments, again it was a joke based on observations. Nonetheless, it was all a joke.

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

HAHAHAHAHAH!!! That's so true.

Joey7777 said...

I want gay marriage totally legalized and to become a ho-hum thing that doesn't effect anybody except the married parties. Acceptance of homosexuality guages a society's capacity for a lot. I'd rather the U.S. emulate high I.Q. Europe and Japan rather than disastrous Africa. I'd rather it emulate Israel over the Palestinians. (Sorry to butt into your blog, guy. Just wanted to offer a different point of view). -Joe (big Jack London fan)

kr said...

Awright, whew, it seemed less put together than you normally are; sorry. I am (as you've probably noticed) prone to take everything seriously unless otherwise stated--hence my constant use of emoticons when I am being silly or casual.

It's good to be a complete idiot every once in a while. (Me, I mean.)

I think the churches' definitions of marriage and any government definition(s) of partnerships should be recognized as completely separate issues--as they clearly functionally are already.

Gino said...

joey: welcome!
its not 'butting in' when comments are enabled and welcome.
and i didnt know they had gay marriage in japan. you sure about that?