Sunday, March 25, 2007

Black Snake Moan

After reading several blog reviews that mostly downed this film, I decided to go see it anyway. Something about a movie flowing with blues guitar,rural southern culture, and ample promise of seeing very much of Christina Ricci is irresistable in it's own way.
By now, you know the story: Young, nearly naked, white nymphomaniac is found beaten on the side of the road by an older black farmer who takes her in, attends to her injuries, chains her lithe form to a radiator... and proceeds to 'save' her through a mix of preaching and music all the while saving himself from his own struggles of depression.
It's more of a "Father finds Daughter" story than the racially charged sexual exploitation flick it's been passed off as.

If the plot seems kinda stupid, it's because it is. Keep your mind at home, and enjoy the mix of drama, comedy, sweetness, southern cliches, and The Blues that meld together in what is really not a bad movie.

And Christina Ricci has never looked better.
Yep, this pretty much sums up her entire wardrobe in this film, more or less. With less taking place more often than more.
Nothing wrong with that.


Stacy said...

Here's my question though . . . When this movie is spoofed by the porn industry; what the heck are they going to call it?

Gino said...

'black snake moans'

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

Sometimes, the film deserves an Oscar. Sometimes, people need to just shut down the brain and enjoy the scenery during the movie.

Let us reflect on that.

Gino said...

you should see what some of the uptights on the feminist blogs have written about this film.

it's just a movie.

The Law Fairy said...

Never looked better? Really?

Eep. And here I thought she strangely resembled Dakota Fanning with bad teeth. Um. Chained to a radiator. Which would never, EVER be considered kiddie porn. Even though it is totally HAWT.

Gino said...

i definately dont need the 'dakota fanning' image to replace the 'only time christina ricci ever looked hot' image.
maybe its the t-shirt with the rebel flag and two pistols that got me all worked up?