Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Meet The $600 Cat

Somewhere in my apartment is a protruding cat-gasher. I still haven't found it yet, but this kitty certainly has.

Seems kitty ran across this mysterious cat-gasher sometime Friday, or early last Saturday. Being a diligent cat-dad, I didn't notice the wound until late Sunday night.
I my defense, the wound was located in the fold of his hind-quarters, not easily visible to the eye, and there was no blood. Not a drop. On him, or any signs of blood in the house. As he wasn't showing any signs of discomfort, or lack of willingness to rough house and be chased around, I assumed that he was fine despite it all. Since it didn't look too serious, I waited til morning to take him to the vet for a look at it, just in case.

As it turns out, the gash was really deep, exposing the muscle, and already infected. After the required surgery, meds, and etc... I got nailed with a $600 invoice.

Now, he's wearing one of those plastic cone-shaped collars and a surgical drainage tube, and his sister thinks he's a freak. Poor guy. But I think he's clearly enjoying the extra tender loving care from Dad. And he takes his meds so easily, no fuss, no scratching, no struggle.

"Sure, Dad, I'll eat that pill, and wash it down with a dropper full of icky brown stuff."
A dream cat!
He can't be real.

Now, if he'll only show me where the cat-gasher is...


Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

Cats are no pussies when it comes to pain. Ours tend to take it in stride when disaster strikes.

The Law Fairy said...

Poor kitty!! :(

I hope he makes a quick recovery. And that you find that blasted anti-cat device lurking in your home.

Kal said...

You sure it wasn't his sister?

Mercy Now said...

Dang, that's so freakin expensive. If I find the cat-gasher, I'll make sure it won't gash another cat again:o)

Gino said...

mercy: i already told the other cats that dad is totally out of money (i had to borrow to pay this), so anybody else who gets hurt gets the needle.

Mick said...

Any luck finding the cat-gasher yet?