Thursday, March 15, 2007

Know Your Enemy

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the now admitted 9/11 mastermind has confessed to a wide range of criminal/terrorist acts:
*"I was responsible for the 9/11 operation from A to Z"
*Beheading Daniel Pearl
*1993 World Trade Center bombing
*2002 bombing of Kenyan beach resort
*2003 Bali resort bombings
*attempts at downing two transatlantic flights
*plotting assassinations of Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton,Perves Musharref and Pope John Paul II
*attacks on New York bridges
*signing Rosie to co-host The View
*attacks on the Sears Tower,Empire State Building,Panama Canal and New York Stock Exchange
*plots against nuclear power plants,American Naval vessels and oil tankers
*not sure if he supports Obama yet, but finds him to be attractive,clean and articulate.
*denies any involvement in the JonBenet Ramsey slaying, shaving Brittany Spears, or Global Warming, but thinks he might be the father of Anna Nicole's baby.


Mick said...

Gino, everybody know that Islam is a religion of peace! they would NEVER have committed 9/11.

You sir need to go to a al gore's reeducation camp

RW said...

I think you forgot the part about his ownership in the Indianapolis Colts...

Allan said...

*plotted assassination of that guy who bathed him in Rogaine.

Gino said...

mick: that's 'religion of piece', and explains all them multiple wives.

RW: clearly,evil has no bounds.

allan: hey, dont knock on the hairy guys. women found excessive body hair to be a natural sign of virility.

Andy said...

He didn't confess, he boasted. Funny though, that they didn't manage to give the 9/11 mastermind any kind of trial even though he'd been in captivity for three full years. And very interesting how this "big story" ( if there was any doubt about his guilt, or as if he'd been denying it all this time) breaks right as the Preznit's AG is going down the toilet. These people are so desperate. Bush is playing any card he has, and we can see he's got an empty hand.

Mick said...

I posted the story on a forum I attend and here is an actual reply I got.

"Given the 'treatment' that guy's been getting, for years, I'm sure he would have confessed to anything they wanted him to, including blowing the Pope, while shoving the Koran up a pig's anus. One wonders how many other things he confessed to, that they didn't reveal, because it could be proven he wasn't involved, or were otherwise so over the top they would have made that laundry list seem even MORE absurd."

Can someone with a better wit than I give me a reply that I can give to

The Law Fairy said...

mick, how about "good point."


On a more serious note, IS there proof that his confession is legit? I've heard buzzing about torture... if he's been tortured the confession is useless. Don't get me wrong: I want the perpetrators of 9/11 punished to the full extent of the law. But I want to make sure that's who we're actually punishing, and not some guy who was strong-armed into confessing to a crime he didn't commit (not saying anything about this guy one way or the other, I'm just not convinced that we know for sure that the confession is legit). We need to be careful not to let our thirst for justice turn into thirst for blood, an inadequate but all too common substitute.

Kal said...

Law Fairy: he was waterboarded. That's been pretty widely reported.

But I think these are all things he would've claimed, regardless. I think the waterboarding was probably more to find his buddy, Osama.

Even if you take away half of what he's confessing to (actually, I view it more of a defiant FU than a confession), he's still one very bad dude. And I'm not losing too much sleep over him.