Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Where Would Jesus Live?

I don't know what it is about politicians who feel the need to play the Jesus Card when 'down south', or when talking to Christian groups about policy, and why they think it works. Bible thumpers,(I was one, long time ago) might be easily duped with scripture quotes, but there has to be something else. Something real about the dude who's trying to dupe them. In short, this is not a group easily pandered to.
And obvious hypocrites receive no quarter.

Latest foolery comes from none other than John Edwards.
According to John, Jesus would be appalled at the selfishness of Americans when we live so well, and so many others do not. He wants to make fighting poverty a keystone of his (never to be acquired, despite his delusions) Presidency.

Of course, John's idea of fighting poverty, Jesus style, means the government taxes mill workers in Anaheim at 33+% (yours truly), while making no mention that rich bastards like himself live off of millions earned from investment income taxed at half that rate. The rich stay rich, while the working stiff struggles under the jack boot of progressive taxation to help the poor. This is John's "Two America's". His tax rate, and everybody else's.

Yeah, John's rich. Filthy rich. Self-made rich. This is good, and I fault nobody for making honest money. And he's done his own bit to relieve poverty through his selfless acts of suing obstetricians for millions on behalf of poor people, at a 30% cut, of course.

But somebody needs to tell this pretty boy that preaching to the 'other' America about fighting poverty for Jesus just seems a little bit disingenuous when one lives in a house big enough to shelter all of Nazareth. 28,000 square feet! 102 acres.
Couldn't he at least peel off a few acres for low-income housing? Or maybe even a tent city for the homeless?
I'm thinking John's next speech is going to center around forestland preservation, and reducing energy consumption for the 'other' America.
Because Jesus would like that.


ajtooley said...

There's a lot of cars in the parking lot there, and at least one SUV. Has anyone alerted Al Gore?

Gino said...

dont worry, all those cars arent his.
some belong to his kids.

kingdavid said...

As Johnny Carson might say: may a large colony of rabid squirrels infest his tranquil retreat.

Brian said...

"...county tax officials say is the most valuable home in Orange County."

And that is saying something. Real estate in Chapel Hill is crazy inflated compared to the rest of the region.

Edwards is a putz. I don't begrudge him his wealth, but if he wants to run on a platform of "grab your ankles for Jesus", he could at least consume a bit less conspicuously himself.

Gino said...

looking at the picture, i cant help but pick out a stand location.
you think he'd at least let one of the great unwashed hunt his backyard to feed his family? i think Jesus would like that.

it would be about 100 million, at least, here in THIS orange county, that is, if you can find 100 empty acres.

The Law Fairy said...

it would be about 100 million, at least, here in THIS orange county, that is, if you can find 100 empty acres.

SERIOUSLY. The article said that thing cost 6 million. SIX MILLION?? I laugh at six million dollars!! Pennies!!!

God, I so need to move.

Kal said...

"Honest living": the guy's a parasitic trial attorney. He made money off of someone else's misfortune. Scumbag.

Do as I say, not as I do.

The Law Fairy said...

parasitic trial attorney. He made money off of someone else's misfortune. Scumbag.

:P So says everyone until they need us!

Gino said...

LawFairy: can you sue somebody for me and make me rich. anybody, you pick the victim.
i just want a payday.

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

Sucker! What's the use of a secret forest compound, if you can't make it secret. We scoff at John Edwards's idea of a secret forest compound. Our dome can't be seen by satellite, but you can see our neighbor's tiny brown roof right below it.

I wonder if he buys carbon indulgences... er... credits like Oracle Gore?

(This coming from someone who would be okay with Edwards as a President.)