Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wendy Kicked Your Girlie Ass!

Bad girls come. And bad girls go.
But nobody in the music scene was a bad as Wendy O. Williams.
A former porn actress/sex worker, who went from exploited to exploiter, fronting the punk band The Plasmatics, Wendy blazed a trail through rock and roll that nobody has been able to match. Sure, we seem to have had a steady stream of 'angry bitch' recording artists throughout the 90's, and still to this day, but none of these wimpy fake Barbies can match the bitch level set before them. They are all girlie-girls by comparison. I don't care how many tattoo's they got to prove otherwise.

A passionate blend of erotica and rage, Wendy actually knew how to use a chainsaw, sledgehammer and a shotgun, (unlike most 'professional' feminists), destroying cars and guitars onstage(or anything else), often topless, while defying all social conventions and bridging the gap between metal and punk. Waging war against the status quo, she was Girl Power before Girl Power was a cheap marketing gimmick.

The Rock World's baddest bad girl. And always will be.

Spinning the Plasmatics (on vinyl,back then) turned every gathering into a party, and every party into neighborhood bust-up.
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This is the 80's!


The Law Fairy said...

Oh my God. WHAT is on her NIPPLES?

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow. ::curls up into fetal position::

Gino said...

black electrical tape.


pardon me.
i was reliving the old days, in my head, with my latest cd addition.

Jade said...

Your walk down memory lane makes me feel like digging up some Suicidal Tendencies tapes. :)

This chick is far more hardcore than the Lilith Fair stuff of the 90's, although I think if you were to throw Wendy and Ani DiFranco (the non-pregnant version) in a ring together I'd be hard pressed to pick a winner... both have passion, and while Wendy looks like she could kick any guy's ass, Ani is short with a low center of gravity, which could potentially give her an advantage.

Kal said...


A real chick wouldn't choke so much on the sledge, holding toward the bottom of the handle to get more speed on the swing for more destructive force.

I'm not impressed.

(But then again, I listen to Jethro Tull, so what do I know?)

Gino said...

Kal: point for jethro tull. who'da thunk flutes were rock and roll? but they were oh, so 70's.

Jade: unfortunately, wendy burned out in 88, after a 10 yr run, and destroyed herself a few ago. but she will always have her place my heart.

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

I cannot even begin to explain how many times I watched, "Reform School Girls," even though that was one of the few flicks my mom banned in our home. I cannot begin to explain how much I liked Wendy O. Williams and how much she influenced my art. I totally miss her.

Thank you for this post!

Thank you!

I will be posting this in the horror blog later.

*Insert shyte-eating grin here.*

Tracy said...

And to think I half-expected to go through the entire day without thinking of the Plasmatics.