Monday, April 09, 2007

Black Book

Yeah, here's another movie review. Given your responses to previous well-written reviews of some great flicks, I've decided not to waste my time boring you all with my efforts. Let's just say that I've found a new favorite actress, who dominates the screen (she is almost always on camera in this film) and can turn facial expressions on a dime. Black Book has something for both sides of the movie house: romantic tear jerker scenes for the ladies; ample violence and boobage for the menfolk.

View the trailer here.Fair warning: not likely SFW. Un-rated Euro trailer.Includes a couple of boobie-flashes.

Paul Verhoeven turns out a winner with this one.
I like this director for his willingness to not let the 'limits' confine his art, as opposed to others who seem to make their art all about breaking the limits. That, and he possesses a sense of humility. Any director who would actually show up to receive hisRazzie Award(for Showgirls) you've got to respect.

Enjoy the show!

(If you think you notice I have a pattern of foreign film watching, you're right.)


Anonymous said...

Hey...its been awhile....after reading a couple of your entries I see you have come along way.....from befuddled califurinean type christian(?) conservative(?) ........ to movie critic, art conneursoir (or how ever you spell it) and defender of the choclate faith.....LMAO......

Pretty cool.... I dont agree with much of you on any of it....of course....but thats no biggie ........

Hoping you and yours are well
Take care.


kingdavid said...

It sounds good; but does the heroine get her head or any extremities lopped off by any Spartan warriors. For sure I'd go see it then.

Brian said...

Ah, yes...saw the poster for this at my local arthouse (such as it is) last weekend and am excited to see Verhoven doing a film about actual Nazis instead of metaphorical ones. Hopefully it will play out here in the uncivilized frontier in a few weeks.

Gino said...

chills: always good to see ya. how's it going waaay up there? did the global warming get there yet?

KD: no spartans with swords, but lots of commandos with submachine guns.

brian: its a limited release, to be sure. only one location in the OC. and like any verhoeven tale, not all the bad guys are bad, nor all the good guys, good. and where the boundries of morality are usually blurred.

little-cicero said...

This is the first time I've ever seen a nipple in a preview. For that I thank you!

The movie looks good too!

Gino said...

you would like this movie, knowing your interests in history and all.
its all based on facts that actually happened, but is not a factual movie.