Monday, April 16, 2007


Conan The Barbarian meets Last Of The Mohicans,
Complete with dramatic end of story final combat on the edge of a cliff, this time with swords.
If any film screamed "direct to DVD", this was it.
Don't bother.
It. Sucked.


Allan said...

Cover art looks good, though; did they spend more on that than the rest of the movie? ;)

Jade said...

Kinda looked to me like it might be Dances with Wolves with more violence and computer graphics... which is not much better than your description. Ever since Sin City, Hollywood is looking for the next great "in the stylings of a graphic novel" movie. (Next it'll be a graphic novel involving penguins, get all the trends blended into one!) Thanks for the warning!

Gino said...

allan: i think they did.

jade: yes, i forget the dances with wolves angle. that was in there too.

kingdavid said...

Just having seen the trailer once, I thought this was suppose to be a movie which reinforces the liberal idea that 'it takes a village to raise a child.' Of course, in this case, it looks like the child grows up to be a hell-bent, sword wielding Tazmanian devil; sort of an anti-Tarzan figure.

Did you like 300, and is there any comparisons to be made?

Gino said...

i like 300.
no comparison.
i never felt like walking out in the middle of 300, like i did with pathfinder.

i didnt blog bout 300 because everybody else already was doing it.

Mercy Now said...

Yeah, I saw the preview and was wondering to myself, who on earth could think of such things, Conan and the Mohicans in America? Then I said to my friend, that's one that I won't be seeing and you just confirmed it:o)

Gino said...

mercy: glad to be of service. now, go see black snake moan. good movie.