Monday, May 07, 2007

In Praise Of The French

Now that the French have had their election, and eventually got around to at least marginally rebuking euro-socialism, if only for a day, I want to commend them for producing something a little nicer on the eyes in the Showbusiness For Ugly People catagory.

We wont be seeing as much of Segolene Royal as before. Generally speaking, a nice looking woman who, at 53 years old, still seems have some of 'it'.

Meanwhile, we here in the United States will prepare to be scolded by this woman until about the year 2016.

Politics sucks.


Mick said...

I'll be damned! The French have 2 brain cells left to rub together after all.

Gino said...

hey mick: shoot me an email.

Brian said...

Gino, are you trying to bait Law Fairy again? Going for a new comment record?

...besides, Ms. Royal has got nuthin' on Yulia Tymoshenko...


Gino said...

no, not trying to bait anybody.
besides, i think law fairy prefers obama, so she might agree.

mrs royal presented herself in feminie form throughout the campaign, rarely digging deep into issues. hillary takes the opposite aproach.

this post is about the show biz of politics, not the idealogy.
i'm tired of idealogy for now.

Mercy Now said...

Well, it's a good thing that voters still have some intellect to vote for the best candidate rather than the best looking. Otherwise, we'd have Hollywood stars running our country now.

Anonymous said...

*cough* california *cough*

Brian said...

Voters *do* vote for good looking.

Romney will be the GOP nominee, because he has all of his hair and McCain and Guiliani do not.

The last time we elected a bald man president, he had run D-day, and before that it was pre-TV.

kr said...

McCain is WAY more attractive, I think, than either Romney or Guiliani. For what that's worth. I really can't go for that whole too-tall-head thing, with or without hair. (Grrls have "types," too ;). )

A lush head of hair isn't quite as important to conservatives as liberals, I'm betting ... it'll be interesting to see how that plays out.

In funner news, apparently some local Libertarians are trying to figure out if they can reasonably move to an early-Dem-primary state and register Dem in time to vote for that fellow from Alaska. I have to say, it's tempting ;). I might not agree with him, but the BS factor would be SOOO much lower for four years!

mick said...

besides the fact that it would be the best thing for us, I dearly hope the Republicans win the presidency again. Just to watch the liberals heads go *pop*.

p.s. Gino, sent you that email

Andy said...

Someone please find me a Democrat who supports Hillary Clinton. Honestly. Find one. ONE. This woman's shot at the White House consists entirely of media hype and Republican fantasies of having a Democratic candidate the country can unite against. Not. Going. To. Happen.