Monday, May 28, 2007

Tranquility Interruptus

The grueling work hours continue, as the lack of activity on this blog bears witness to.

I was really looking forward to this weekend: a time of rest, repose, and beer. But no... had to work my 12hrs Saturday, and spend most of Sunday moving the years of accumulated worthless, useless shit valuable possessions of a family member to another zip code. You'd really be surprised just how much crap a member of the transient community can accumulate. Damn good thing I sprung for the U-Haul.

Monday's here. This is my day,dammit! I ain't doin nothin for nobody.

So here I am, slipping into another nap on the sofa, and barely watching The Outdoor Channel and the phone rings.
"Hi, honey." (Damn!It's The Blonde)
I'm drinking Baby,call ya later...
"Well, put the beer down and clean it up"
"Because you're picking me up at six for the game,remember?"
"I got Angels tickets from a client last week, Remember? I told you."
I wasn't home all week...huh?... oh,yeah, now I remem...What? It's today? You didn't say it was today...
"Yes, I did"
Damn Baby, I need a break...
"Oh, come on, it's just a few hours..."
I don't like the Angels. They su...
"Just go with me. I haven't seen you all week."
See me next week...
"You're leaving town next week"
"So sit with me tonite,we'll hold hands and cheer for the Angels..."
Baby,I don't cheer for Los Angeles teams. You know that!
"Fine. Just keep quiet and and eat a hot dog with me then"
I want beer.
"OK. Beer and hot dogs."
So when was that? Tomorrow night at six?
"TONIGHT! Don't get all smartass..."
"Thank You,Honey!"

Thank God next week is only a week away.


Jade said...

Come on, what's better on a big ol' American holiday than to watch a big ol' American game? Come on... peanuts, cracker jack - they have it all! OK, everything except nap time.

Gino said...

dont forget the beer and hot dogs.