Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Vacation Right Around The Corner...

Next week I'm headed to Fort Smith, Arkansas. That super exciting metropolis in the Ozarks. Nothing is planned. I'm just gonna stomp around the region for few days and see what I can get into. I'm really hoping they have a club where I can catch some local bands. (If not, I'm thinkin there's always Fayetteville to the north.)

On the agenda, sort of: checking out the land and housing prices for (hopefully near) future reference, and of course, the job market.

Outside of that, I'm wingin' it.
A reserved car rental, a head full of curiosity, and four and half days of... well, I don't know what.
Haven't even bothered with lodging.
I'm playing that one by ear.
And everything else by whim.

I've already been duly warned to be on guard for ticks and chiggers in the woods this time of year. Ticks I know (from the Georgia woodlands). But Chiggers?
I better look that one up.

Any suggestions?


Mick said...

Don't go rafting, unless you can squeal like a pig.

The Law Fairy said...

Wow, mick. Wow.

I would've just warned him against wearing that sexy skimpy top of his. But way to class it up there ;)

As for chiggers, afraid I can't help you there -- and I lived in the rural RURAL south for five years. Yeah, I'm completely useless.

RW said...

Don't change lanes suddenly, the Arkansas state troopers watch Cops too much and will pull you over for being suspicious.

Gino said...

mick: so you been there,huh?

LawFairy: all that globe trotting you done, and you got nothin? (shocked)

rw: i forgot you been through AR and OK recently. will be seeing a little bit of both, myself. thinkin i'll black out a couple teeth and tell them my name is 'zeke'.

Anonymous said...

A swarthy Italian living in the Ozarks; did you ever see the movie My Blue Heaven, with Steve Martin. "Todd" didn't exactly blend in to the suburbs; not sure that would work in this case. You'll have to go online and look up some good possum pasta recipes; would you use a red or white sauce with that?


Anonymous said...

I've told you all you want to know about chiggars, Gino. How could you forget? :( I'm so hurt.

If you do not walk in the grass you'll be fine. Otherwise OFF should work ok. Be sure to put it on your shoes, ankles and legs.

If you do happen to get itchy red bumps in places you didn't know you had, then all I can say is good luck and hope you're not too allergic. Antihistamines can sometimes help.

Have fun!!

Gino said...

KD: swarthy italian? hehe. not even. but the red sauce goes with anything.

trisha: yeah, now i remember. long time ago. so, chiggars havent changed much since then? eew...

Mercy Now said...

I hear they have lots of lakes so u may wanna go fishing, or something water related but do let us know afterward how your trip was. That way I can decide to mark it off permanently or to leave it as a state that I may visit if I run out of places to visit:o)

Anonymous said...

It depends. I tend to have allergic reactions to most bug bites, chiggars included (They will itch for months and leave scars behind). Lee must have skin made of leather......he has no serious problems with them. At this time of year, I do not walk on the grass anymore, unless I slather myself with OFF first. :(

It's up to you to see how it goes. Just dont' roll in the grass to see if you have a problem, eh? lol!

Love you!

Kal said...

Have fun. Can't you leave us with some nice controversial, sexist-pig type post to chew on while you're gone?

(oh, love the new gravatar. Befits your troglodytism...)

Gino said...

i'll see what i can come up with.
not leavin til sunday morning.

Andy said...

Well, *of course* you'll be visiting the Clinton Library, no?

Gino said...

Andy:i'll be long way from little rock. ft smith is on the western edge, bordering OK.
too bad. the Clinton Library and Cathouse would have been top of the list...

kr said...

Aww, I liked the badger.

Probably I've just read too much British children's literature ;) ...

The caveman is pretty funny, though. Love that grin :).