Saturday, May 10, 2008

Words Fail Me

The outpouring from you all brings me a great comfort. It is quite the trial at the moment, but I'm getting better at it.

I've managed to wrap up the arrangements today, and got funding secured. Morticians don't work free, but I found if you ratchet up the anger, and throw in some well placed sobs with an occasional dash of venomous ridicule, and still hold your ground, they will relent.
He's learned just how unamusing the cost for memorial cards can be.

Government agencies are not so pliable.

Dad got in today. He's a wreck, but not creating any issues for me. He's accepted that I can do this if given the space.

Mom is emotionally invalid on a good day anyway, so she's the biggest challenge as I try to respect the wishes of my sis while others(her) tempt/drag/push toward another direction. I gave her my vow. I intend to follow it through.

Brother is a selfish turd. No help. Maybe I'll make it a double.

Everything is two hours drive away. Traffic is killing me.

Too bad there aren't pre-printed eulogy forms where I can just fill in the blanks. But I guess that would defeat the purpose,huh?

I pray that I never have to bury a child. Can't think of any greater pain.

Again, words do not exist in sufficient numbers to express my gratitude for your prayers, well wishes, and wise words. You've all been so awesome, and have touched me greatly. Yes, it really does matter, and will not be forgotten.

Hopefully, I can soon get back to blogging the mediocrity you've come to expect.
With love and heartfelt thanks,


Kristopher said...

Holy Shit, Gino! I hadn't seen your blog in a day or two, and now this?

Please know you're in my prayers. You have my email and my number if you need anything.


little-cicero said...

It looks like you're plenty smart enough to sort out the bullshit from reality; the result being happiness. This strength of yours cannot be understated, and I admire you for it.

Mark Heuring said...

What l-c said. Above all, trust your instincts as you go through this and you'll make it.

BarnGoddess said...

sending ((hugs))

thinking about you.

Kal said...

Hey, been away a bit -- real sorry to hear your news. Thinking of you.

Girl, Dislocated said...

Still thinking of you and praying for you and your family

Mick said...

I've been missing fromthe internet for awhile and I just found out the news. I am so sorry and I hope everything works out for you and yours.

kr said...

: (
God bless