Thursday, May 29, 2008

little cicero bids farewell

When I first started the bloggy thing, I ran into a site that belonged to a rather precocious high school kid who's primary focus was of a philosophical nature.
He's been thought provoking and fun at the same time, willing to take on various difficult subjects and use the debate to either fine tune his own thoughts, or to change them altogether based on the arguments of others.

He came to really discuss issues, and learn, instead of parroting talking points. This trait is rare in social/political debate. To find it in someone as young as he, was even rarer.

This was two years ago, more or less. It was through my contacts with Mark that I've been blessed with many more contacts. As it is, about 3/4 of my regular blog circle I can attribute to his blog, either directly, or through second and third times removed.

He's in college now, and is taking a new direction in life. Soon, I hope, he gets back to blogging again.

Thanks, Mark!
It's been a pleasure.


tully said...

I think I'm choking up a little bit...


Thanks for the farewell post, Gino. Let's be honest- I weigh 190 pounds, so I'm kind of dishonest to call myself a "little" anything!

By the way, did you know that Cicero was personally known as "Tully"? I think I'm going to change my blogging name to that.

tully said...

By the way, if I ever return to blogging, I shall be known by this name, not "little cicero" for the given reason that I am not little. I resist, of course, calling myself "Cicero" because A) I'm not worthy of that name B) Cicero was more a politician than a philosopher C)There are already several bloggers with that name.

Gino said...

you sure that aint spelled with an "M"? ;)

OK, Tully it is.

tully said...

That's right y'aaaaaaaasshole. Watch it!