Friday, July 25, 2008

Let's Talk Football

Recently developed by Piedmont High School in California is something not seen before.
It's called the A-11 offense.
It has an official site.

Read up about it.

I'm wondering how long before it makes it way to the NFL in some variation or another.
I'm also assuming it relies heavily on speed/quickness off the ball. With no O-Line, the QB has to get rid of it quick.


Jade said...

I'm not a football fan, so I have nothing to contribute to the conversation... I just had to point out how funny it is to see this:

Such Is Life
now with more estrogen
Let's Talk Football.

Brian said...

That's either mad genius at work or just plain crazy. Seems like a good way to get your QB killed. On the other hand, I envision a conventional defense trying to adapt quickly...especially a 260-lb DT who isn't exactly used to chasing receivers...

Kind of like the British army marching in a straight line across an open field while the Indians shoot at them from the trees...

Gino said...

jade: kinda funny,i guess. :)

brian: the original article i read said the school had a 7-4 record. losing the first 3 while they fine tuned the system.

Bike Bubba said...

Weird....I guess you simply put all your big slow men on defense instead of offense, huh?

And this going to the NFL? Right after the wishbone and the option--teams who just paid $10 million/year for their "OK" QB are not exactly going to be eager to give those 250 lbs linebackers with 4.5 speed an unimpeded path to the QB, are they?

I'd like to see football be a little more of a game for "not gigantic" men, but I don't know this is the way to do it....