Thursday, July 31, 2008

This Is Just Wrong

By now you've heard the story about the fat cat that was found wandering the streets in Jersey and weighed a whopping 44lbs.

No secret: I am a cat lover. It's just not that I love my three cats individually, which I do.
I love cats as a species.
Nothing compares to the magnificent creation that we call a cat.
So beautiful, sleek and athletic.
Possessing the attributes of a finely tuned predator, yet gentle enough to serve as a cuddly companion.

Try spending a few minutes truly studying a cat at it's most cat-like behavior, and you cannot deny that there is a Creator above us, and this is His masterpiece.

That said, to allow a cat to grow so grotesquely fat and deformed is an act of animal cruelty.
No. Even worse than that.
It's sacrilege.
A crime against the Creator Himself.

I see other fat cats at the vet whenever I bring one of my beautiful babies in for their check up. I tell ya, it's appalling what some of these cat abusers get away with.
And I don't keep it to myself.
I tell them how I feel.
I tell them they suck.

Cat abusers like this should not be allowed to own cats.
They are no better than those who allow their cats to roam around breeding fodder for the shelters.
It's that simple.


kingdavid said...

I just saw this today:

Late Show Top Ten

Signs Your Cat Is Too Fat

10. Instead of “meow,” says “moo”
9. Takes 3 days to lick himself
8. Always stuck in the cat door
7. Has nine lives and ten chins
6. He has had more heart attacks than Dick Cheney
5. Have to get special extra-large flea collars from “Big & Tall Feline”
4. Instead of yarn ball, plays with meatball
3. Only thing he’s curious about is when Domino’s stops delivering
2. When he goes outside, people say, “Can I get your autograph, Mr. Gore?”
1. Next month, he’s doing a full hour with Dr. Phil

We just came over to the light side of the force a few years ago. We love our Socks, he we got when she was about 3. You don't truly appreciate cat though until you've raised them through kittenhood. We've had our moments with Milo; but he is really turning into a joy.

Jade said...

I love cats. I would have them as pets if I weren't allergic to them... they are incredibly beautiful creatures.

Gino said...

KD: even better than one, try 2 kittens together. it was like having two 2y/o's in the house at the same time. or, terror x2x2= "oh shit!"

jade: allergic to cats? i'm thinking God is mad at you.

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

Poor kitty.