Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The World Is Waiting

OK, so now that we got this out of the way, when are we going to apologize for invading a sovereign neighbor and it's subsequent years of mistreatment and subjugation?


tully said...

On behalf of all Italians, I apologize for the tragic deaths of Jimmy Zanboniri, Frank Lizio, Guido Tuzorini, Salvio Ragazzo and hundreds like them. As you know, these were good men who were different from the Italians amongst us- from a proud (perhaps too proud) culture and heritage.

They were Calabrese.

Regardless of whether it was necessary to eliminate this crude and illiterate race, we now see the moral fault in doing so, and would like to join the Calabrese in brotherhood against a common enemy.

The Sicilians.


RW said...

As a person of Polish descent, I demand an apology from the Huns, Mongols, Tuetons, Germans, Russians, Austrians, and Swedes for at one time or another conquering, killing, taxing, erasing from the map, and/or otherwise subjugating my People from time to time and repeatedly just to get at our best national asset; cute and thin little blonde Polish girls.

I demand reparations from France and Britain for doing abso-fuckin-lutely nothing in 1939 when they said they'd help us fight Hitler's invasion and just sat around instead.

Plus I want ownership shares in any canal, tunnel, mine or harbor anyone of Polish origin helped to dig, build, or otherwise construct at lower wages than the Irish because we couldn't speak the language and looking like a slacker is not in our heritage so we never complained.

And don't get me stated about the mental anguish from all the damn JOKES.

tully said...

Wow, he even spelled that comment correctly! Every once and a while you find a Pollock who can use spell check!


Bike Bubba said...

Having lived in Michigan, I demand an apology from those Buckeyes who lost a war and took Toledo.

Oh, wait a minute, I was BORN in Ohio. Guess those Michiganders need to apologize for giving up Toledo and taking the UP.

(all of this is real history, BTW)

Gino said...

Tully: maybe the italians should apologize for letting all those sicilians get on boats headed west.

RW: i'm just thankful you polish guys took some of the pressure of of us italian guys.
the americans were brutal.

Bubba: maybe you should apologise for giving us jerry springer.

Bike Bubba said...

:^) Keep in mind, though, that he was born in England and grew up in New Yawk. (how did a guy like that ever succeed in Ohio politics?)

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

As a Taino, I demand an apology from the Spanish government for lumping us with all of the other coloreds in the 1790 census. Thanks to this awful mistake, the US Government and the PC crowd thinks that we're extinct, and blame it on Columbus rather than on sloppy record keeping. Where's my lazy injun money, dammit?