Monday, November 03, 2008

Gino Update #2

Hello everyone,

Heard from Gino and his wife just now. Recovery continues but it’s been slow going.

The two biggest challenges for Gino at this point are (1) getting his speech back; and (2) a short-term neurological problem where he was having some difficulty lifting his left arm. He is feeling better today but is still in the ICU for now and probably will be for another day or so.

The neurological issue is getting better each day. As for the speech, the challenge is that the tumor was located next to his vocal cords, which meant that the surgery weakened the ability of the vocal cords to perform properly. The doctors will give Gino another procedure tomorrow which should help improve matters. I did speak with Gino and was able to make out some of what he said, but he was pretty gravelly-sounding.

The other issue he is having is that he’s not able to swallow properly yet. This too should improve, but it means that for the time being he has a feeding tube. Time should heal this issue as well.

Gino’s wife reports that he’s getting a little frustrated – as I suspect we all know, he’s not always the most patient guy around. We don’t have a guess on when he’ll be out of the hospital, but it likely won’t be until the end of the week at the earliest.

Long and the short of it – he’s getting better, but continued prayers are still very much in order, and greatly appreciated.



Jade said...

A friend of mine had a very similar procedure a few years back... her voice was gravelly for a while, but now we can hardly tell she ever had an operation.

Being stuck in a hospital bed is entirely boring and frustrating - there's too much activity to get proper rest, and yet you are there to rest and recover. I hope he'll feel better when he gets into his own house again.

Mark Heuring said...

That’s exactly right, Jade. You are supposed to get rest, but the nurses and doctors come in all the time, especially when you are in ICU. Inevitably you wake up when it happens, too. There’s a reason, but getting rest is deeply problematic.

Gino’s a tough customer and he’ll ride this out.

tully said...

I was hoping the Gay Eskimo Porn would leave him speechless, but this was not what I had in mind...

Kiefer and Emo said...

Thanks again Mark. Checking in daily.

tully said...

This election commentary is in tribute to Gino:

Now a whole new race of Americans will get involved in the political process and find out first hand that politicians of all colors are worthless! This is a great day for America!

kingdavid said...

I wonder how long Gino has gone without pasta in the past. Do they have any type of marinara pill they can give him?

Maybe after so long in the hospital, he'll come out craving lefse and lutefisk. He'll have to change his name to Bjorn.

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

I am so happy to read this update. I was worried sick about Gino. Hopefully he'll be back to his wonderfully cranky ways very soon. His wife sounds like a treasure.