Saturday, November 15, 2008

Recovery Observation

I've never before realized just how bad cigarette smoke smelled until now.


Allan said...

Yeah, I remember moving out of my parents' house to go to college. After several weeks away, I came back for a visit. Hoo boy! The assault on my nostrils was compounded by my realization that, for years, I'd gone to school smelling like that.

Jade said...

Yep - you don't notice it when you are the one smoking.

When I was in high school I started burning incense in my room - every time I did it, when I'd walk into the rest of the house I thought the house smelled like shit. I thought the incense was doing something weird to my sense of smell, but it turns out the rest of the house did smell like shit because of my mom's smoking.

Oh, and she smoked Winstons too. Double yuck.

I smoked for a few years. I knew it was unhealthy and stupid, and I kept telling myself that I needed to quit for my health - and I eventually did... but I'll admit the most helpful motivator to keep me from smoking again was that I didn't want to stink.

Allan - I had the same experience... although I hope that the incense burning and the perfume I wore was enough to protect the public from the lingering scent of the house.

Gino said...

i knew the stuff smelled bad, but i cant believe it was *that* bad.

previous attempts at the smoke free life (as long as 3 months) didnt reveal the smells i smell now. cant imagine why.
but it is different now.

and to think i was putting that shit in my mouth for 30yrs.

Jade said...

Maybe all the pure oxygen in the hospital helped clean your lungs out better.

Does this mean you are quitting for good then?

Gino said...

i cant imagine ever putting another smoke in my mouth. or another lip of snus (another vice).

i really enjoyed snus. but i tried it again two days ago, and couldnt handle it.
(i thought it would make the lightheadedness go away)
it also hard to hold anything in my lips right now. still lack sensation there. cant even pucker.

Bike Bubba said...

My granddad quit smoking after a long hospital stay, too. Good for you, Gino!