Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Wienerschnitzel, a regional hot dog chain,has introduced a new 12" wiener.

For those not familiar, Wienerschnitzel wieners are a low quality fare made of processed chicken or turkey. The chain seems to thrive here in California due to lack of competition. That, and because everything in California is watered down and cheapened to begin with. It's the culture here.

So, this is news now. A full 12" of mediocrity to please the California palate.

I'll take a pass, and just get a beef dog at the local Costco. A little more hassle, but worth it.

Totally unrelated news:
Another California entrepreneur goes to jail for attempting to dick the system.
(you gotta read this one) hehehe.


Anonymous said...

Or you could cook a Hebrew National at home...

Jade said...

If they sell Boar's Head brand meats down there, get those dogs.

And on the Wizzinator... I have a friend who used to be a P.O. - part of his job was to supervise the drug testing. I'm tempted to ask him if he ever came across someone trying to use a fake penis.

Mark Heuring said...

Costco does have good dogs. You do have to do some searching to get a good one. Unless you're in Chicago, that is. In certain parts of Chicago, you can find a good hot dog joint every three blocks or so on a major thoroughfare - like Roosevelt Road, for example.

Ah, the Whizzinator. One of the funniest sagas in recent Vikings history involved a Whizzinator. Onterrio Smith, a Vikings running back with a history of drug problems, was caught with one in an airport. He claimed he was carrying for his cousin. I don't recall ever carrying anything on a plane for my cousin, to say nothing of a Whizzinator.

Gino said...

jade: boar's head is the best for whatever deli meat you seek.

mark: arent dogs kind big in chicago anyway? not so much here.

Mark Heuring said...

Yep, hot dogs are huge in Chicago. You get heated arguments over which hot dog joint is the best. The Portillo's chain is usually pretty consistent, but you'll hear devotees of places like Fluky's (on Western at Pratt) and Wolfy's (also on Western, further south), or any number of other places. My spot when I lived there was Pete's Red Hots, at the corner of Roosevelt and Ridgeland on the Oak Park/Berywn border. Just thinking about it makes me gain five pounds.

Gino said...

portillos had a single location outside of chi-- about 1 mile from my last residence.
i ate there a lot. dogs were good.
the beef was better.

Bike Bubba said...

Not that hard to find good dogs around here. Mackenthun's in Victoria, or Ambassador at Rainbow, or Hebrew National, or Nathan's. I haven't seen Vienna Beef in the supermarkets here, though.

Well said on LA cheapening things. One could never order anything there and count on it being what you ordered. Never ate at Wienerschnitzel, though. Probably a good thing.

Palm boy said...

Odd as it sounds, I was sad to see the Wienerschnitzel by my place go out of buisness. They made the best fries and corn dogs out side the state fair.