Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm Starting To Like The Impeachment Idea

Back in the 1990's, didn't the American Lung Association announced that they had eliminated tuberculosis in this country? Things are different now, with TB on the rise once again.
Most infamously, this latest widely publicized case of the international traveler infected with a rare form. Stopped at the US-Canada border when his passport flagged a warning, the border agent let him in anyway, and the latest is that said border agent has since been relieved of duty (fired), and rightly so.

Since the American Lung Association made it's announcement, TB has seen a rise in reports among the communities infested with large amounts of illegal immigrants Mexicans. Here in Orange County, I read the reports and keep up on the local news. I've had to take my kids down for testing on direction from school authorities due to another infected Mexican kid being discovered.

Orange County, my current home, has been hit fairly hard by the wave of illegal immigration since the early 90's. And all this TB is coming to us via our southern border. All with the implied consent of the Bush Administration. Say what you will about this problem being 21 yrs long, or how border control was really lost in the 1990's, but last report I've read about pegged fully one-half of all illegals currently in this country as having arrived just in the past six years. These are Bush's babies. A direct result of his non-enforcement. And by connection, this is Bush's TB outbreak.

If the feds are going to relieve a lowly border agent from his duties because he let a TB infected person through the border, and rightly so, isn't it about time we relieve George Bush of his duties?


Kris said...

Bush should have been fired a long time ago! In my opinion, he's just barely a step above Clinton, but maybe even tied!

The Law Fairy said...

Of all the horrific things Bush has done, curtailing his racism (so his corporate donors can get cheap, illegal labor through exploitation) is far from the worst.

Gino said...

bush is not racist. he's classist. blue collar folks are props, here to serve the whim of business.

he doesnt see America as a cultural identity as much as he views it as a business entity.

its the basic view of the ruling rich-at-birth class of every society, regardless of what political affiliation they hold.
bush,gore,kerry,romney: all the same.

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