Saturday, June 30, 2007

Blog Pandering

OK, I been in a funk as of late. Just can't seem to get the thoughts out of the head and onto the screen.
Nobody has pissed me off.
Nothing has inspired me.
I got nothin.
I feel so... Kal-ish.
Going out on a limb here, and gonna try something different this time.

Throw a topic my way.
Ask me a question.
(either here, or through private email: addy in the profile)
Anything at all.

We'll see how this works.
Come on, don't let me down.

Oh yeah... as for Annabella, up at the top of this page: Ain't she cute?
Of course, she has absolutely nothing to do with content of this posting. It's just that this guy has got me in a slightly nostalgic mood. Must've been something he said...


Jade said...

How about I tag you for the "8 things" meme? I'm not sure how you feel about memes in general, but whenever I'm in a funk I like to use these to get me to write. So, if you can come up with 8 things we (the Collective from the Internets) don't know about you, write 'em up!

Stacy said...

How about "how that outfit is making me curl up into the fetal position". Eeeegaaadddsss. That is scary.

The Law Fairy said...

You could write about your escape plan for when zombies start roaming the earth looking for brains. You DO have a plan, right?

Gino said...

jade: good idea. now i just need to think about 8 unknown things that are interesting. i am such a bore.

stacy: annabella and i go waaaay back,ya know. nothing she wears is scary.

law fairy: you think they'd want my brain? now that IS scary.
i'd better start working on that EscapePlan.

Palm boy said...

How about your worst experience with a fire or with a clothesline.

Or strawberries.

Gino said...

no. strawberries.