Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hollowed Ground

Fort Smith boasts a long history of ruggedness and promotes it's place in history as the 'edge of civilization' in the 1800's. Before booking the trip, I sent away for a visitor's packet that primarily talked about the Fort Smith Historical District and Museum.

A big bunch of hooey, for the most part. Centered most heavily on Judge Isaac Parker,the famous "Hanging Judge" of lore. The whole "Historical District" thing could have fit within two acres. I guess truth in advertising doesn't pertain to tourist guides.

The National Cemetery was a lot more lively (pun intended).
Rather small as national cemeteries go, it is a final resting place for American fighting men dating back from The War Of Northern Aggression to present day.

Strolling among the thousands of headstones, realizing that these relatively few don't even begin to scratch the surface of the number of sacrifices made on behalf of our nation, I couldn't help but feel renewed respect for those who are still fighting today, regardless of the politics behind it.


Anonymous said...

Gino.....Just dropped in.

Its been a pleasure reading the last few entries........some great sketches........good writing....and as witty as ever.


RW said...

The title was a pun on the Fort Smith thing?

Jade said...

Nice shot of the cemetary.

We've also discovered that travel brochures are not to be trusted (and don't bother driving "Washintgon's best kept secret, the North Shore area!" It's best to keep that secret hidden) In fact, we were just discussing that the only guides we trust for finding good camp grounds are written by fishermen - they aren't advertising places, they are honestly describing where they've been and it's far more accurate than a travel brochure.

Gino said...

chills: always a pleasure, ol friend.
is yer email addy the same?

RW: at least somebody got that. i was starting to think i missed my mark.

Jade:from you, i take that as a real compliment.
every once in a while, the camera gives me a good one.

mick said...

i see dead people...