Friday, June 08, 2007

From The Notepad:

Arkansas women really dig me. "What kin i getcha,Hon?" "Be raht witya,Dear." "Moe coffee,Dahlin?". I've never felt so loved.

I much prefer the 90 degree weather combined with thick-as-fog humidity to the 90 degree dry heat of Southern California.

Waffle House: Grits,eggs, and toast served up fast; and a damn good cuppa joe. What more does a man need?

During the week, you can always get the $100 room for $45 if you know how to work it. Fort Smith is no exception.

The posted speed limit: they mean it! ("This is not California,Sir"). Folks here might be laid back, but the cops are anal.

Only two sports teams matter: the Razorbacks and the Sooners. Acknowledging one automatically denies the existence of the other.

Checking your bags to Dallas/Fort Worth is easy. Getting them from there to Fort Smith is something entirely different.

Chinese restaurants in Fort Smith ain't worth a damn...

but the BBQ joints are The Shit.

Arkansas beer is 5%, but not on Sunday. Oklahoma beer is 3.2%, every day. My advice: buy extra beer on Saturday in Arkansas.

Just for giggles, I put $1 in a Cherokee Casino slot machine. One play later, I had a free drink, and $1.50 credit. I cashed out and left.

Folks in Arkansas are uppity toward the folks from Oklahoma, and look down on them. Oklahoma folks look down on the Arkansas folks for being all uppity about Arkansas.
Go figure...

Not everybody in Oklahoma has a broken down pick-up in the front yard. A lucky few have rusted-out school buses. It must be a status thing.


Jade said...

I *LOVE* Southern idioms. My favorite is "darlin" although I also get all googly when men say "dear" or "sugar". It really is sort of a cuddly feeling, isn't it?

TwoFoot said...

LOL... Didn't I try to tell you most of that months ago?

On a half-way serious note, that has to be one of the best descriptions by an outsider I have seen in years. As long as you have no objections, I am planning on copying that to an email to send to my dad. He'll get a kick out of it.

Gino said...

Jade: you got that,'honey'!

Twofoot: thanks. and feel free to send it anwhere you want.

Tracy said...

A rusted out bus? They must have been mayor at some point.

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