Saturday, June 09, 2007

Time To Play Catch Up

A guy leaves town for a few days and all the traffic dries up. My,my.. what a fickle crowd you are. Next time, take the Islamic porn lurkers with you, dammit!

Where was I? Oh yeah, tales from Fort Smith.
Day One and Two: I guess there was some sort of radical thunderstorm type stuff going in Dallas. My flight outta Orange County was delayed 2 hours waiting for the plane to arrive after being delayed in Dallas. My connector to Fort Smith was also delayed, as was everything to and from Dallas that day. Eventually, I arrived sometime around 8:30 pm instead of the 4:00 pm as originally scheduled. Too bad my bags didn't. I had to show up at the airport again in the morning to pick up the luggage they originally lost in Dallas.

Monday morning, I made a visit to what is arguably the most prominent, and oldest, landmark in the city: Immaculate Conception Church.
Originally starting out as a log church, the present structure was completed in 1900.
It's visibly striking in contrast to the surrounding city.

And the interior didn't disappoint either. I made a point to visit everyday, for personal reasons(more specifically, off to the left).

Also, on the grounds of the church is another historical landmark: What remains of Zachary Taylor's HQ, the hearth, where he prepared for the war with Mexico. Couldn't help but think: this may be a point in the next US-Mexico boundary line by the time George Bush gets through with us.


RW said...

Why should we come by when we know you ain't here?

Gino said...

well, you did.

RW said...

That's different... I have no life.

kr :) said...

THAT is a gorgeous church.

Welcome back :). I'd call you "Dahlin'," but I just ... can't ... quite ... manage it ;). But glad to "see" you, nonetheless :).

Gino said...

KR: thats ok. 'honey' will do. ;)

i forgot to get a pic of the church from the outside, but its in that old style with tall spires etc...
you see it for blocks away. it would get lost among the skyscrapers in a bigger town, but not this one.

Jade said...

This website has a picture of the outside of the church:

It's beautiful. Some day I want to drive around and just take pictures of old churches, they are so beautiful.

Gino said...

jade: it also has a 360 interactive panorama link.