Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I Did It

Now, I feel dirty.


Uncle Ben said...

As well you should! When I got back to campus tonight everybody was watching the coverage of New Hampshire. Ugh. Right about now I think I'd rather watch that episode of Mr. Rogers where he takes a tour of the graham cracker factory. Or This Old House would be good too.

Gino said...

after i cast my ron paul vote, i'm going back to 'Rehuso declarar un partido politico'... er, i mean 'Decline to State'.
(i hate CA)

Brian said...

Today of all days.

If Paul doesn't do a better job of handling The New Republic article than he has today, I may be changing my registration.

Of course, since the NC primary is being held sometime in 2010, I think I have plenty of time to do it.

BarnGoddess said...

Last night my husband was following the primary in NH. I suspect he secretly wanted Clinton to win-gah!

and, we are republicans.......

Palm boy said...

Yikes... thats a lot of spanish.

I wanted Hil to win today. Rather face her in the general election then Barak.

Jade said...

Porque no quieres California? Tienes sol, terremotos, fuegos.... que bueno, no?

Enjoy your stint on the dark side.

kingdavid said...

Let's just get this fiasco of electing a president over with; than we can all partido like it's 1999.

I propose we just come up with a test, and whoever scores the highest wins. Have some panel come up with like 1000 questions related to stuff a president should know; then throw in some bonus points for times through an obstacle course, just to make sure they're physically fit for office.

As far as their sanity goes, anybody who wants that job is messed up in the head anyway.

The only disqualifier we should attach is "lawyers need not apply."
They've done enough to screw up the world as it is.

Gino said...

brian:if you wanted the best skilled ,media savy campaigner, you were on the wrong side from the beginning.
say 'hi' to obama for me.

barn goddess: i was rooting for obama as a cure for clinton fatigue. looks like we're stuck with her.

palm boy: Evil deserves no mercy, no tommorrows, no reprieve.

jade: and it will be a brief one.

KD: i can better that. each side recruits bikini models to champion their cause in the oil wrestling pit...
on pay per view.

Robi1 said...

Good God - that app. looks like you need to yo requeiro sprechen sie Taco Bell to fill out the blanks. Hopefully, the candidate you vote for will make that same application ALL ENGLISH in the future when he wins.

Yes, I said "he", because I shudder to think what`ll happen if "she" gets in.