Sunday, January 20, 2008



Robi1 said...

In my experience, the craziest I`ve seen done with a porto-crapper is when I saw one pushed across a parking lot by a snowplow on a jobsite.

It was set up on skids to allow it to be moved when snow removal was done on-site.

On this day, we were in the middle of a decent New England storm.

At one point the foreman went in, the truck that was plowing pulled up, put his plow against the crapper got that thing sliding across the icy parking lot to about twenty MPH.

Before he let go, he tilted the plow and got a little English on it. He then slammed the brakes, and cut the wheel - that crapper must`ve slid another thirty yards before it hit the snowbank on the other side of the lot. The plow driver turned on to a side street in a blink and was gone.

When the door opened and the foreman staggered out, all you could see was BLUE ( and some other colors. Needless to say, there were no witnesses when asked.

The plow driver returned about twenty minutes later and was "let in on what happened". He said he "wished he could`ve seen it".

Palm boy said...

That video adequetly descriped my feelings during the Packers game.

Robi, thats good.

Jade said...

HA! Nice. That video is giving me flashbacks to the septic issues of last week :)

Did he not see that there were two other porta-potties tipped over next to the one he was in before he went in? I think I would take that as a warning sign.

When I was in high school, a fellow drummer's girlfriend once hit a porta-potty with her car. I can't remember if it was the brand or what, but my friend called them pumphouses. When they broke up, my friend decided to start a group called "P.A.P.A." - People Against Pumphouse Abuse - just to hassle her.

Robi1 said...

I was half expecting to see Osama Bin Laden stumble out with a blue beard.