Monday, January 14, 2008

Slave Uprising

For much of our nation's history Black Americans have been kept in their place, and consistently it has been the democratic party apparatus that has been most guilty.
Slavery, in the Democrat Party south.
Jim Crow, in the Democrat Party south.
And later, after the Civil Rights movements had their days, once again it was primarily the democrats who used blacks as stooges and stage props, giving them their voice so long as they didn't get too uppity, and giving nothing of real substance in return.
The Democrat Party system gave rise to a few black ministers, promising them face time,wealth and protection from investigation, in exchange for delivering the votes of the black masses.
If ever a single demographic was pimped out so perfectly, it has been the way black Americans have been done by democrats.

Now, along comes the most unblack of black men to lead a revolt.
Ideologically, this guy is no different from any other Democrat. There really is no diversity of thought or ideas in that party, so candidates are chosen using the only other qualification left: personality.
And Obama has it.
In spades.
Hilary Clinton was supposed to walk to the coronation, the heir apparent of the party apparatus. This has got to be frightening for her to be facing a direct threat to her throne by, of all things, a member of the group who was supposed to be in her pocket.
After 225-plus years of using/abusing blacks to build their party, and somebody forgot to give Obama the memo: Blacks leaders are supposed to lead other blacks only to vote democrat.

Obama has left the plantation. He's not speaking to blacks. He's speaking primarily to whites, and the whites are responding.
To make things extra difficult, he's facing smears and personal attacks from the most effective political machine of the past forty years. Not even phased, he's hitting back with his own rhetoric and keeping The Machine off balance.
It wasn't supposed to happen this way. The blacks were supposed to be in the tank for Hilary. And the opposition just a formality.

It's a great show, and it's about to get real dirty.

But I hope he understands just who he is dealing with.
If he's not careful, he'll end up laying on the grass in Fort Marcy Park.


Brian said...

I gotta say: at this point I don't even care who becomes president.

Watching both major parties come unglued is worth the price of admission.

Uncle Ben said...

I don't want to touch racial politics with a ten foot pole. I'll simply say that I'm more concerned with the content of politician's character than with the color of their skin. Oh, and policy positions might have something to do with it.

Guitarman said...

Those 2 seem to be in a win win sitch. The more they fight, the more publicity they get. And In the end when Hillary wins, I would not be surprised to see Osama (oops Obama) as her 1st choice for VP.

BarnGoddess said...

Hillary scares me...

Robi1 said...

If Obama and Hillary buried the hatchet and decided to run as Pres and Vice Pres, that would be good, yes? Two wrongs make a right and all that...

It has been fun to watch the dog-and-pony show that is Election '08.I can`t wait 'til it gets REALLY dirty. Maybe some cage matches or gladiatorial competition or something worthwhile instead of the lame-ass debates...

kr said...

I agree with your analysis.

As a woman, I experience the same treatment from the Dems. They are only slightly less "white protestant papa knows best, little girlygirl" about my Catholicism.

I left both parties. I am active in the single-primary movement, and support the infant beginnings of a move toward a unicameral legislature here in Oregon.

It is an amazing show, though.