Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Murder Of D.B. Cooper?

The FBI is making a new stab at identifying mysterious skyjacker Dan Cooper, who bailed out of an airliner in 1971 and vanished, releasing new details that it hopes will jog someone's memory.
This story has caught my imagination since childhood. But what surprises me is that the FBI is still pursuing the case. The guy is dead. If he wasn't dead, he would have surfaced by now.
If, by slim chance, he is still alive? Just leave him be. Anybody who did what he done, and got away with it all these years, deserves to live out his life in peace.
But now I learn of a new (to me) wrinkle in the story:
"He also didn't notice that his reserve chute was intended only for training and had been sewn shut."
Was he intentionally given a sham chute?
There needs to be an investigation into this, and if so, and his murderer brought to trial.


RW said...

I've always wondered about DB Cooper as well. But, you know, Alfred Hitchcock was once asked if there had ever been a "perfect crime" and he emphatically said yes. When pressed about what it was his answer was "We don't know. A perfect crime is one nobody ever found out happened."

The best way to enjoy the fruits of your big haul payday is to resume your life before without a lot of egoistic flummery. If Cooper was smart enough to pull this off, he may also be smart enough to not appear to be any richer at any time.

As to the sewn chute... it is a viable question; how did they know it was sewn shut if it wasn't done on purpose anyway?

Gino said...

so, murder maybe?
a cop cant shoot a fleeing suspect in the back. this is murder.
wouldnt the sham chute(i like that phrase) be the same?

Allan said...

Why are they still looking for that guy in the sketch? Tony Randall died years ago.

Jade said...

Hrm.... he looks an awful lot like my Grandfather... who used to fish with my dad on the Columbia River...

Mercy Now said...

I like the mystery of it all, it makes it a legendary tale. I don't think they'll turn up anything.

Gino said...

seems DBCooper is quite popular this week.
my hit count has doubled since i mentioned him.

Mercy Now said...

Oh, and the movie "Without a Paddle" is pretty funny and has DBCooper's tale in it.