Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Cat Contest

Our local newspaper, The Orange County Register is hosting a "Best Looking Cat" contest. Being a man in possession of the world's awesomest cats, I couldn't resist partaking of this fool hardy endeavor.

As it goes, I have submitted a photo of my little girl, Mamie:

Your mission, dear readers, is to go the the site and vote often, vote daily, vote several times a day, every other 10 seconds or so, if need be.

Here's the site:Orange County Register

Click on the "That Darn Cat" banner.
Click the tab that says "Rate cat photos"
Where it says "Find your cat", use the drop-down menu to locate 'Mamie, in Anaheim'.
Rate Mamie, (a '10' is about right).
Click 'Save Your Vote'.

Please forgive the tedious instruction. It is against the rules to link the page on any website. And rules matter,ya know?
But, you can bookmark the "Cat" page so you can return repeatedly and vote for my cat, as I hope you all will.

Now, do it again after the page refreshes.
Repeat these steps as often as you like, which will be quite often, I'm sure, because friends just do crazy things like this for each other.

Vote Every Day.
Vote Often.
Vote Repeatedly.

I'm about 10 days behind, with only 8 days left. I'm a little late to the party, and need to play some major catching up. With your help, Mamie can make the Top 100, and go on to Round Two.

Winners are judged on a combination of total votes and total score. So, many,many votes counts just as much as score value.
Now, go make me proud.


Guitarman said...

O.K. I voted for Mamie. But Max is in there too now. You've got some competition Gino. Max is the best darn cat around!

Uncle Ben said...

Mamie just got ten points from me and is up to 8.91 (23 votes). Bonne Chance Mamie!

Brian said...

OK, I have now officially cast more votes for your cat than I have either major political party. Ya happy?

Allan said...

Done, and gladly, even if she does kinda creep me out with that whole "Oh, you THINK I'm cute, but I'm just waiting for the opportunity to smother you in your sleep" look she's got going on there.

Strolling Amok said...

10 votes for Mamie from me - she's up to 9.23

Gino said...

thank you all!

allan: she prefers to bite your nose and ears while you sleep.
weighing in at a lil over 4 lbs (fully grown), smothering is not an option. her brother weighs over 12lbs, and couldnt care less if you wake up or not.

kingdavid said...

Lost track of the #; but she picked up .05 in the average.

I might pay Hannah to sit here for a while and vote :)

Mark Heuring said...

Mamie is still going strong - more votes from her fans in Minnesota.