Thursday, April 10, 2008

Keep It Up

Mamie is up to 73 votes in less than 24 hrs.
Keep it up folks.
Keep voting.

Some lesser cat beings are already tallying in the thousands.

Tell ya what...
If we can get Mamie to the next round, I will send to everybody who wants one a signed(by her) photo of her.
How's that?
Something for your trouble and to show our gratitude.

10 votes a day is all we ask.


little-cicero said...


kingdavid said...

We're wit you, just like Vinnie in My Blue Heaven. I have Mamie's page on favorites, and the royal family has explicit instructions to cast votes whenever they are on the computer. We'll do our part.

Guitarman said...

I just checked and Mamie is up to 330 votes. Watch out though, Max from Rockford is closing in at 13. I'm amazed there are about 10 cats named Max.

Gino said...

theres a lot of cats,huh?
almost 400.

making the top 10's gonna be tough.

Night Writer said...

Gino? A cat blogger? Whoa...have to sit down, feeling kind of dizzy.

And Ben is endorsing this? I seem to recall there once was a mention of a cat on my blog, and Ben responded with something like...well, exactly like...this :

Uncle Ben said...

Ah, I remember it well. Nightwriter used to catblog a lot more than he does these days, but the fact that his dearly departed Felix is 2 feet under doesn't help.

I cast some more votes. Up to 373.

Gino said...

was that night writer's real cat?
thats just gross.

i dont catblog much. a few times a year,maybe.

Night Writer said...

My cat? Yeccch. I'd sooner let Hillary and Rosie O'Donnell host a slumber party at my place before I let a cat like the one Ben pictured into my house.

And Felix was the Mall Diva's cat, not mine.

Tiger Lilly said...

I voted three times. Up to 389.

Off to vote some more!