Friday, August 01, 2008


After about three weeks, I called the original specialist to ask about these tests I was supposed to be taking. (Remember? The tests you were gonna set up about this maybe/maybe not cyst/tumor you said I maybe might not have had but maybe did?)

Well, that bitch forgot all about me, and couldn't find the file. And needed to see me again. In about four weeks. All booked up, nothing available.

With that 'tumor' word thrown at me, I didn't think it very wise to waste too much more time waiting for her to clear her schedule.
I went and found another specialist.
After about thirty minutes worth of checking me out, he informed me that I needed to go higher up the specialist food chain.

Well, this didn't sound good, but at least I was getting some movement in the right direction.

Another test, and a referral to the department head at the region's premier teaching school. After looking me over, Dr Specialist Extreme is now on the case, and taking it very seriously.
Bad news: it's a tumor.
Good news,maybe: it doesn't appear to be cancerous.
Another round of tests is scheduled for next week, along with a referral to another extreme specialist, followed up with a neurosurgeon.

I asked Dr Extreme if I was 'in trouble'. He didn't give me a clear answer, other than to say a case like mine is rare, but not uncommon. Not sure what the hell that means.
Next week will be a busy one.
I'm gonna get poked and prodded and photographed several different ways.
Eventually, they'll be taking knives to me, but I'm not sure how soon that will happen.
The next few weeks are a mystery.
Escrow will close before the end of the month.
I may be under the knife and trying to recuperate by then.
I just don't know.

I got a lot to do, and having a lot done to me, at the same time.
And this is what is bothering me.
Not being in control.
Not knowing the timeline.

I really want to be left alone. But the Blonde is smothering me. And people keep calling. Wanting updates, and what not. Demanding them. Mary's is the only voice I need to hear right now. And the only one I even want to hear.
But she won't be calling.


tully said...

The question isn't "Are you in control?" it's "What am I in control OF?"

Allan said...

Dr. Extreme is just being a normal doctor. Until they have specific results, they kind of just hope you won't ask too many questions. The Missus' oncologist still mostly shrugs before offering a partial answer to her questions. So I wouldn't read too much into that.

Good luck and God bless. I know you'll keep us up to date.

RW said...

You know where to write me, if you want.

kingdavid said...

I think most of these specialists sleep through the 'interacting with patient' lessons as they go through med school.

I was with my niece at the hospital when the 'specialist' came in and told her she had leukemia, which eventually did kill her; and I felt like planting a couple of rocks from a slingshot into his forehead for the way he went about telling her. She was 25 for crying out loud. A little compassion and sympathy when you're breaking news like that.

I love that line as well; it's probably something he heard his mentor say---it's rare, but not uncommon. I'm with you on that, what the hell is that suppose to indicate.

Mark Heuring said...

You should come to Minnesota, Gino. When I had my medical fun last year, all the doctors who dealt with me (and there were several) were helpful, compassionate and most importantly really good.

All that said, we're praying that "rare but not uncommon" is just a non-sequitur and nothing more ominous.

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

Good luck...

kr said...


God bless ...