Sunday, December 07, 2008

Now This Is Fearless

Seems more than a few of you doing it, so I may as well make my own football prediction as well.

First off, I'm giving the Bears a victory over the Jaguars. Not an easy one,mind you. Just a victory. This is just my wishful thinking at work. That, and we need the W to help put the Vikings back in their rightful place. Only two teams are allowed to win this division, and the Vikings aren't one of them.

Second, and I know I'm going out on a limb here: Lions over the Vikings in a squeaker. The Lions have shown that they can play, compete and put points on the board despite their 0-12 record. That, and since only one team has ever pulled off a perfectly not-perfect season, the odds are that the Lions will win one this year. This will be the one because it could also be the most damaging to the loser. Fate sometimes works that way.

Go ahead and laugh.
Anybody can predict the easy ones. And if I'm wrong, I will just admit the being the sports moron I've always claimed myself to be.
But if I'm right, I'm a frickin genius and my predictor status will skyrocket, which is more than what will happen if the rest of you are right instead,ain't it?


Mark Heuring said...

Good for you, Gino! I call my predictions "fearless" for one reason -- I have no fear of being wrong. My blog is unapologetically pro-Packers and you should of course pick the Bears every week. And you may be correct about the Lions anyway.

tully said...

Gino's Back!

Gino said...

mark: i stole the 'fearless' label from you. :)

tully: maybekinda

Palm boy said...

F&@#() Packers... 3 straight losses now.