Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Official Gloat Post

Sorry Cheeseheads.


kingdavid said...

Who's playing first this weekend, the teddy bears or the queens?

Having all the tie-breakers, the queens have a much better chance of back-dooring it into the playoffs.

RW said...

It was a fun win last night, for sure! But if we get into the playoffs it'll be because our smoke is thicker and our mirrors are shinier.

Fun though.

Gino said...

KD: but what are the odds the vikes will beat the giants?
i give the bears 50-50 vs the texans.
bears win,vikings lose, there are no tie breakers.

RW:"our smoke is thicker and our mirrors are shinier."
i gotta borrow that.

Mark Heuring said...

Congrats, Gino. My guys are 5-10 on merit. We won't go away, though. We never do.

Better hope that your safety can play on Sunday, though -- otherwise Owen Daniels (the Houston tight end, and a good one) will eat your secondary alive.