Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tully here

One of the differences you should know about me compared with other bloggers, is that I prefer to post questions infrequently than to post answers frequently. Call it laziness or intellectual honesty, as you wish.

As a result, the main of activity while I am blogging is not in posting, but in the comment threads, so I must encourage you to keep that activity coming. If you can't answer the questions, perhaps you can make the questions more precise, and thus help me with my task. Or, add an anecdote or quip even remotely relevant to the post, so that it's at least more entertaining. Basically- I'm not picky when it comes to discourse.



Jade said...

I would have jumped into the conversation of the last post, but I've never seen the Godfather trilogy... I've seen parts here and there over the years, but I have no clue who the characters are.

It is good to see you again though. :)

tully said...

Yeah, I almost forgot about that. Future posts will probably not be directly movie-related.

Nice to be back! Not for long though...

tully said...

By the way, I have gotten kind of remote from the movie at this point in the post below. Please feel free to jump in at any time!

Gino said...

tully is one of the few who actually likes the discussion rather than the answers.

and he's not trying to win, or to be right. he's trying to explore.