Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Lives Of Others

Also known by the German title Das Leben Der Anderen
This film takes place in the twilite of the East German police state, where the ubiquitous Stasi knew everything about everybody.
A popular East German playwright,Georg Dryman, comes under suspicion for unpatriotic activities. In this case, it is his lack of suspicious activity that leads to suspicion since nobody is, after all, above suspicion. Such is the mental workings of the Stasi agents, who even spy on each other.

When Stasi Capt Gerd Wiesler wires Dreyman's apartment, and personally mans the survelliance station, he is impressed with Dreyman's devotion to his girlfriend, and his close circle of black-listed artist/writer/actor/director friends. Over time, the Stasi agent grows to admire what Dreyman posesses in his life, and how it contrasts with his own empty, loveless, and lonely existence.
Wiesler then assumes the role of invisable fairy godfather: erasing incriminating statements, destroying evidence, and stonewalling the investigation.

Lots of suprising twists in this screenplay. Just when you think you know what will happen next, an unexpected curve in the road of events is placed before you. A great, and very believable, spy thriller without all that 'James Bond' action stuff or exploding ink pens, combined with a morality play and the broken lives that ensue when shattered trust and betrayal become methods of self preservation in a culture ruled by fear, where creativity and passion are devastating liabilities, and those you love are most in danger.

The only 'wrong' thing I noticed: much of the film takes place in the dead of winter(December through March). Isnt there usually snow/ice on the ground at this time in the region formerly known as East Germany? Instead of winter cold, the outdoor scenes look more like cool,moist and gloomy. But none of this detracts from the storytelling.

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I highly recommend this film to be seen.

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