Friday, February 23, 2007

What Happens Here...

You've all seen the commercials advertising Las Vegas as the premier party town, amplified with the slogan "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas", a unique city where one can live out their wildest self-indulgent fantasies, and then leave it all behind, as if nothing happened.

The American political process has it's own Vegas in Iowa. Politicians flock there to indulge their own fantasies of self-importance and grandiosity, living out their hopeful dream that they can actually be President. Success in the Vaudeville show here is proof, lock solid proof, that you are the front runner, and assured the smooth road to the White House. Well, at least for a week or two, anyway.

Fact is: What happens in Iowa, Stays In Iowa.
Check out the record: *LINK*

Only about roughly 1/2 of the Iowa victors go on to be crowned by their party.

And with only one exception, Bush in 2000,anybody who has actually won a competitive primary, starting in Iowa, has failed to win the Presidency.

So it comes as no surprise that Tom Vilsack,(who's Tom Vilsack?) having already won the approval of Iowa voters years ago, as their Governor, has summarily dropped out of the Democrat Presidential primary. And so soon,too. (I'd say it's pretty bad when the only people who even know you exist can't be counted on to recognise you exist, don't you think?)
Actually,Tom, they did you a favor, sparing you from the inevitable disappointment Iowa winners are fated for. Now you have the next 21 months to just enjoy life for a while.

Iowa: What Happens Here, Stays Here.

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