Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Walking Talking Platform

Little known, and for some strange reason, fully ignored by the press is Duncan Hunter. 14 term congressman from San Diego county. Duncan has all the proper policy positions to place him as the favorite of the GOP base. The difference, though, is that these are not policy positions for him. They are much deeper than that. What he has are principle beliefs. Unlike Willard, who's positions evolve, or... whatever...

Duncan is the same as he has always been. Pro-Life. Honestly believes in the Second Amendment as written. Opposes income taxation. Supports free trade. Believes in strong border enforcement. Mindful of Privacy Rights. Opposes same-sex marriage. Takes a strong stand on pornography and child access. Supports school vouchers. Very pro-military, and most important, pro-serviceman, pro-vet, and anti-Pentagon waste. Has vocally, and legislatively, opposed the Kelo decision. Not only volunteered for Vietnam, served in the 173AB, and Army Rangers, but also has a son currently serving. On war and military issues, he has more 'street cred' than anybody from either party.

A grassroots conservative, he came up not through the Ivy Leagues, but from the common class. He is most like mainstream America in terms of background and upbringing. His 14 terms in Congress is preceded by an early career as a farmer, construction worker, and eventual storefront Lawyer in an immigrant neighborhood.

Policy wise, the right-wingers dream candidate, with 28yrs of legislative record to prove it.

I suspect, despite his low name recognition, the grassroots will turn out for him in the early primaries. If he can pull a surprisingly strong showing, early, he will take Willard's faith-values-taxes-business base,wiping that Donny and Marie smile right off his face, while shooting down war-hero-POW McCain for the final time.

I honestly cant see Willard,John, or Rudy delivering the GOP acceptance speech. Not that I see Duncan doing it, either. I don't think he has the stage personae required to ignite passion. But who else could there be? All three major(according to the MSM) candidates have issues that turn off a dedicated portion of the GOP base. Duncan Hunter is the only one that unites them all.


Anonymous said...

Great article.
We're trying to get the word out here:

Anonymous said...

Wait a second Gino; are you trying to tell me there is an island of sanity and reason within the realm of Southern California that would elect such a man for 28 straight years. Is this place like Rivendell, in Lord of The Rings; is it the power of the elves that keep it secure from the liberal powers of darkness. I'd vote for the guy.


Gino said...

its called non-coastal california.

there are three CA's, politically.
1st CA,
the los angeles basin:far left
the frisco bay area: far left

2nd CA,
anything not culturally coastal, includes the whole 1/3 northern part of the state(there is a secession movement there)

San Diego:the metro area is fairly down the middle, due to the large former military population which offsets the flower children. but the hills surrounding are right wing gun owner country.

Duncan comes from the outer city mountain lands.

Mercy Now said...

I like San Diego, it's really nice to visit but so dang freakin expensive.

Brian said...

I dunno...I think if you're willing to back Hunter, you might as well go all-out and back Ron Paul. Suburban Houston is at least as "real America as suburban SD" and their getting about the same amount of coverage in the MSM.

I'm pretty sure that's what I'm going to do, if I can be bothered to register to vote next year. And if he's still in it by then.

Brian said...

Sorry, the closed quote should be after "America" there. Subtle, but it kind of changes what I wanted to say.

Gino said...

i'm not backing hunter.
i am not GOP, and cant anyway unless i re-register.

but he is such the 'perfect' GOP, i dont understand why he's not getting the ink.

if i decide to vote primary, i may go GOP to vote for paul.

hunter has bought too much into the 'spread democracy, israel the 51st state' neo-con view.
its bad for the country, and the future. but it is SO very GOP.

Palm boy said...

Gingrich could re-ignite a fire.

Hunter's my fave as of now.