Sunday, July 22, 2007

The More They Change, The More They Don't

The Dickies were as fun, whimsical and crazy as they were a generation ago. Leonard, the front man, is still a goof, and full of punk energy even at 52.
A great show, with some great opening acts to go along.

Some things are still the same. From juvenile goofiness...

To childish stage props...

But, if you even attempt to go over the barrier to jump up on stage, this guy, and about five of his friends, are waiting to kick your ass.

Rumor: The Dickies are planning a farewell show/tour sometime this year. That's too bad. As the longest running punk act out of Southern California,since 1977, I suppose they've earned their retirement rights.

The Son is already talking about seeing them again. Next time, he wants to bring his friends along with us. As for me, I'm looking forward to it as well. But next time, I'm throwing him into the pit early.


Mick said...

Did you jump in the pit? Show them young punks that old punks can still rock?

Gino said...

mick: i'm too old to jump.
but i enjoy the music as much as anybody, just like the other geezers.