Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Striking Back

There was American boy who grew up into a man. Along the way, he earned the rank of Eagle Scout, stayed active in his faith, graduated high school with honors, and went on to earned an Associate of Arts degree before joining the United States Army, training as a light vehicle mechanic.

Near the end of his enlistment,after war had already broken out, he reenlisted in the Army, knowing full well he would be sent to Iraq with his comrades. On April 4th, 2004, he volunteered to join a reaction force to rescue fellow soldiers who were pinned down in battle. He was killed in action, and posthumously awarded for valor.

By all accounts, Casey Sheehan was good man. The type of man that makes his nation, his family, and his community proud. The type of American that makes his part of America better for all.

Unfortunately, Casey's story is all too familiar. Lot's of good men have ended up the same way in this war, and in other wars.

Also unfortunately, Casey Sheehan would be an anonymous-to-most-of-us name on the roll of honored war dead were it not for his mother, Cindy. For all her moonbattery, which has been on vivid display, almost daily, for three l-o-n-g years now, Cindy Sheehan is a decent individual, who nurtured a baby boy into a man better than most men. It is moms and dads like these, the kind that Casey had growing up, that do most of the heavy lifting in building our society by delivering into it the lion's share of better adults.

Needless to say, politicians are the ones who take credit for what this nation has accomplished. But we are a nation built by individuals, and individual achievements, through meeting individual responsibilities.
It was men like Casey who defeated the King, freed the slaves, stormed the beaches, battled the commies, conquered the dictators, and smote the evildoers. Men, and women, who were bred, raised, and taught right, by moms like Sheehan.

For all of her faults, public and private, she has done more for this nation's people than George Bush, Nancy Pelosi or (insert national politician of your choice here), and has more in common, on a personal level, with anybody who is reading this than any of the aforementioned national 'leaders'.

Next act in the Cindy Sheehan reality show: Cindy is going to challenge Nancy Pelosi for her congressional seat.

I'll be rooting for her.
It'll be a great day if she wins.

You see, in a scene so typical of the political establishment, who view the commoners as props while claiming to be working for them, Cindy was led into the media vortex and the national spotlight as long as she was useful, and then unceremoniously jettisoned into the emptyness of space like a used fuel tank from the space shuttle.

Her 'friends' never gave a shit about her. They pimped her out, and dropped her body in the dumpster when she got inconvenient.
And both sides do it.
But refering to 'both sides' of the political aisle is actually not accurate. For sure, there really are two sides in politics, alright. There is Them. And Us, who serve Them.

Now, maybe... and I know it's a long shot... Cindy just may get some revenge. And when she does, she'll be getting of piece of 'them' for all of us.

And isn't it about time we had had somebody in Congress who knows the true meaning of the Gold Star Banner, instead of just posing for photo-ops with those who would rather not have them?


Anonymous said...

I can accept that she has gone out and tried to make a difference; what I don't accept is the way she's gone about it.

Many people have suffered tragedies, and have gone on to promote change in a dignified and organized way.

She just went out and created a circus, pulling idiotic stunts, catering to dictators, and just making a nuisance of herself.

If people, not those who used her, view her like some sort of irritant and just wish she'd go away, I think she's to blame for it. (kind of like a squirrel)


RW said...

Two years later, with a Democratic President, we'll still be in Iraq. It's like out-the-roof government spending. Eight years of a Republican President, six of those with a Republican Congress and we're buying bridges to no where.

Maybe Sheehan is just stating the obvious - the two major parties and their hacks are basically full of shit.

Kal said...

But, Gino: she's absolutely nuts.



I do love however how it's coming back to bite in the ass those who used her in the first place.

Karma sucks.

Gino said...

yeah, she's nuts, and every bit of it.

but we've done worse.

at least this gal is for real, and not just pandering.

apathyboy said...

As someone who is absolutely nuts myself, I would like to see one of My People in office.

Although I do worry that if she wins an office she will become just another politician taking credit for the acheivements of extraordinary citizens.

But I'll put off my pessimism for one day: Vote Sheehan.

kr said...

Next act in the Cindy Sheehan reality show: Cindy is going to challenge Nancy Pelosi for her congressional seat.

That. So. Rocks.
Karma? Irony?
I hope she stays real, and I hope she learned enough from her time in the spotlight to work the system.

Do you think she has a real chance? It would be kind of fun to watch a nationally-followed race between two electable women ... perhaps the media could finally stop mentioning gender Every Time there is a female candidate.

(Did you mean to parallel the gov't discussions at Andy's?)

Brian said...

Well said, Gino!

Gino said...

brian:ya think we got a ticket?

we've done worse.
and still are.