Thursday, July 05, 2007

Whoring Old Glory

It's all just symbolism.
So several states have passed laws banning the sale of United States flags that were not made in the United States.
Big fucking deal!

I am, generally speaking, a free trade kinda guy. So something like this isn't exactly what I would call prudent policy, but since flag shipments (from China) account for the piddly-ass figure of $5.3 million a year, we are talking small potatoes here. It just ain't no big deal,and I doubt any American job anywhere is going to be saved, or lost, due to cheap plastic trinket flags (just the kind that politicians like these hand out at rallies).

I got a suggestion for these flag whore politicians:
Instead of saving Old Glory from Chinese silk-screeners, how bout working on some ideas that restore the ideals She used to stand for. Lets start with overturning that Kelo decision, and return the right of private property to the people.
Hey!That's a start.
And will go whole lot further toward defending the flag than stupid shit like this.
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Mick said...

but, its DAMN good press time

Gino said...

aint it?
and the folks fall for it every time.

kr said...

OK, how uneducated (or perhaps, unpatriotic?) do they expect their readers to be: Stars and Stripes – sometimes known as “Old Glory" ???

um, duh?


OK, this is just dumb.

But then, I kind of think massive imports across the Pacific are dumb too.

I just end up buying less stuff. I guess I'm unAmerican ;).

Do we, as a nation, really "respect" the flag anymore anyhow? I'd say, little throwaway flags are evidence we don't; this symbolic lawmaking is just huff and flutter without cultural backup.

I hover between letting my kids enjoy their flags (which they at some level know represent the country) and trying to get them to maintain something resembling "proper" treatment.

Palm boy said...

Damn Straight Gino.