Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Lighter Stuff Rises To The Surface

I can't get over the level of inexperience in the top front runners for the democratic party nomination.
The same party that couldn't get over Bush's supposed lack of 'gravitas', has itself a bucket load lot of nongravitas to answer for.

Barrack Obama: Seven years in the Illinois statehouse, and only two in the US Senate?

John 'Pretty Boy' Edwards: Six years in the US Senate, and four of them spent running for the Presidency. Never has faced re-election.

Hillary Clinton: Six years in the US Senate. Hillary's supporters will claim she has beau coup experience as First Lady to Bill Clinton. First in Arkansas, where much was made of the corruption in his administration, and then in the White House. In both cases, she was intricately involved in the business of the office, and in both cases, corruption was widespread.
Either Hillary is exceptionally unqualified to be President, or she is exceptionally too dirty with past corruption to be seriously considered. In policy matters, wherever her hand was, fiasco or sordidness took place. (the Clinton health care plan, the attorney general search, the cover ups, the pardons.)

There are a slew of folks running for the nomination, and with greater legislative experience and political achievements (Richardson, for example) but they register barely a blip on the radar.

What's up with all that?


Andy said...

Dude, that donkey stuck up in the air would make a better president than George W. Bush. Experience isn't necessarily everything; there is something to be said for intelligence, humility, curiosity and engagement with reality. (Far be it from me to claim that Hillary has any of that, but it's painfully obvious that Dubya possesses none of the above.) Then there's the GOP field, a bunch of yahoos who insist, all evidence to the contrary, that victory in Iraq is just around the corner. I'll take Obama and/or Edwards any day over those pandering deludenoids any day. We need a President who actually comprehends the nature of the enemies we face in this world and can propose responsible strategies for dealing with those threats, not some ditto-head who claims that the catastrophe in Iraq is related to 9/11. I'm hungry for a big serving of reality pie, and I think the rest of America is, too.

Gino said...

ok, so i assume you are in agreement that the top of the Democrat field swims at the shallow end of the talent pool?