Friday, July 20, 2007

Quicker Than Quick, Stronger Than Strong

In the beginning, there was a beat and rhythm.
The Ramones added speed and volume.
And it was good.

So God rested.

While He slept, lazily unawares, The Dickies took the good, increased the speed, added zaniness, conquered my imagination, and amped up the fun.
They were the first punk band I had gotten into, and I was hooked.

It went something exactly like this.
(Good times. Trust me on this)

It's been 24 long years since I last seen The Dickies.
And although some things change, I'm not so sure the Dickies have changed all that much.

Tomorrow night, they arrive at the Galaxy Theater, and although I'm over due, I'm not past my expiration date yet.

Positively, I won't be the only forty-something geezer pressing against the stage.
And equally positive, I won't be the only one bringing his twenty-something kid along for the show.


Anonymous said...

We all change in 24 years, Gino, even your beloved punk rock groups. lol!!


Gino said...

shall i just sit quietly in a dark corner instead?