Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Better Seen...

Alicia Silverstone is in the news lately for a sexy,nudish video/advertisement she's done for PETA. Apparently, there is some controversy over it, and it has been banned in parts of Texas.Well, not exactly banned. It appears some local stations won't air it for being too suggestive. That's Texas for you. They get kinda weird over there.

In my opinion, the nudity ain't that much, and doesn't show much either. It's just a teaser video, basically, and contains a voice over of Alicia talking about her healthy vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. Don't worry, there are no pink parts on display, so this is SFW, seeing as how it was intended for network television.

I'm assuming the purpose is to convince us all to eat more broccoli and tofu or something like that.

Watch the video below, and see if it makes you crave a salad bar:

Screw the broccoli.

I want a taco.


Mick said...

I got some meat for her

Jade said...

Nice video. "I'm a vegetarian and look at how all natural I am, in the pool filled with chlorine that is killing algae and micro-organisms so it's safe for me to swim in"

That Go Veg website is interesting. I watched their "31 reasons to go veg" video thinking they might actually have reasons as to why someone should become a vegetarian. Looked like most of it was either "you are evil for killing animals for your taste buds" or fear based (mad cow desease, and eating meat makes you fat.)
Of course, they fail to mention that there are nutrients the human body requires in order to function properly, and some of those can only be found in animal products. But, you know... to each his own. Personally I like a little bacon mixed in with my tofu scramble in the morning.

kingdavid said...

Forget about it being too suggestive, I'm sure the beef lobby is a little stronger than PETA in the Lone Star state.

BEEF, the only meat.

That's my motto

The Law Fairy said...

I guess I'm of the portion of the population who will never understand how just showing a sexy woman is supposed to influence people's intellectual and moral decisions. I'm convinced advertising executives are severely retarded. "Murder rates are up! What are we going to do?" "I know! Let's have Angelina Jolie tell people to stop killing... naked."

Brian said...

I guess I'm of the portion of the population who will never understand how just showing a sexy woman is supposed to influence people's intellectual and moral decisions.

By which I assume you mean "female".

Jade said...

Sexy women are not supposed to influence our intellectual and moral decisions, they are supposed to sell us on an idea. In this case... to guys... "become a vegetarian and you can have a chick like me" or to girls "become a vegetarian and you can look like me"

I understand it. My gut reaction to VS ads is "damn that looks good, I should go get one of those bras" Then I have to stop and logically realize that buying said bra ain't gonna change my body type. But the initial reaction to go shopping is there, even though I'm female.

Gino said...

mick: just came back from another successful hunt, eh?

jade: hitler was a vegetarian,too.

KD:but you still havent tried my venison pot roast recipe.

lawfairy: a sexy woman absolutely does not influence some peoples moral and intellectual decisions.
she over rides them. advertisers are smart. its men that are retarded.

brian: yeah.

jade:"But the initial reaction to go shopping is there, even though I'm female."
isnt that the default reaction for all women?

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

I used to be vegan too, until I realized that freshly hunted meat is tasty, more suited for the needs of omnivores like human and as a result I am a lot healthier. I can't stand store bought meat and how it makes me feel, but give me a gun and a deer any day over the usual health food.

You know, if Al Quaeda used the techniques successful terrorist groups like PETA used, the US would probably give up.

Gino said...

vas: storebought meat is cool with me. but i buy halal beef and chicken, for moral reasons.
would love to hunt fatty-marbled tasty beef, but dont know where they roam free.
slow cooked a vension rib roast over the weekend.tender, yummy.
the time to get more is almost here.

The Law Fairy said...

advertisers are smart. its men that are retarded.

See, but on some level doesn't that make the advertisers retarded as well? Doesn't it take a certain amount of retardation to think up an idea a retarded person would buy into? :)

Mick said...

I'd Breed her also

Gino said...

mick: she's too high maintenance. you couldnt afford it.

Mick said...

You hush old man :P...A guy can dream can't he?

kr said...

Hey Vas, have you tried (if it's available in your part of the country) "conscientiously raised" meat?

No joke, the smell of a beef roast cooking used to make me so nauseated I couldn't help with Christmas dinners at my mom's.

Made the switch, it's all good.

Brian said...

So I finally got around to watching the video (was at work before)

It doesn't make me want to become a vegetarian, but it does make me consider having sex with one.

Gino said...

(**insert dirty thought that i choose to withhold right here**)

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

KR, I haven't tried conscientiously raised meat. It sounds expensive.

kr said...

it is, I guess
I really like beef, though

here in Portland, let's see ... 10% fat ground from muscle meat only (so no spinal material et al for mad cow disease--dear God, I may never eat another diner burger again after I understood the market forces they operate under!), $3.99/lb, chuck roasts, $3.99/lb, top round, $4.99/lb ... I can pretty much cover my bases with those, and occasional sale cuts. Trendy cuts (flank steak) hit $12.99-$17.99. The truly fancy stuff my local grocery doesn't carry, but can order (filet mignon).

The chickens taste better too. They range from $1.79-2.29/lb, whole; I like to roast them (hem hem) naked, no flavoring needed. And I never liked turkey growing up, but I like it now.

Probably we have pretty low prices in Portland since we are a meat town (all the grey rainy weather?) and since so much "happy meat" is farmed within 500 miles.

Stacy said...

This is why I regret not trolling around anymore. What a hoot.

Guitarman said...

What movie was she in with Brenden Frasier....A blast from past? Anyway, I decided then that my neighbors pet dog would have been a cuter leading lady. Not my type I guess.