Monday, September 03, 2007

"It's Like Disneyland In Here!"

Last July, Bass Pro Shops
finally got around to opening a store close enough for me to get to. About an hour's drive away, in a not too nearby place called Rancho Cucamonga.

Today, I finally got around to checking it out for myself.

I've only been to one Bass Pro before, and that was a spectacular center in Springfield,Missouri, almost a decade ago. So, yeah, this latest has been a long time coming for me.
Southern California is not known for its hunting and fishing culture, so stores and attractions such as these are a rare treat. That said, I made my trek to my destination two counties over and wasn't disappointed.

Parking was a bitch, and the place was packed. Negotiating my way through the human throng, I managed to spend four glorious hours immersed in my own thoughts and fantasies; checking out the outdoor clothing, T-shirts, guns and knives, bows and crossbows, assorted gear and outdoor grills, boats ... and the never ending supply of mounted animals and fish, from the small herd of mountain goats along the wall to the flock of wild ducks up near the ceiling. Hundreds of mounts. Everywhere.

If you hunt,fish,camp or hike, or just think about doing these things, this is the place to be.

As I was checking out the crossbows, a septuagenarian couple approached me and asked if i knew where the 'camping stuff' was. After I directed them in the general direction, the woman exclaimed, almost as in shock, "It's like Disneyland in here!"
I just smiled and said "Yeah, ain't great?"


Kal said...

Prepare to eat your heart out:

I live about ten minutes from Gillette Stadium (Home of the Three-Time World Champion New England Patriots), where the Kraft's are opening a "man mall" with a Bass, a Circuit City, a jazz club, Davio's Northern Italian Steakhouse, hotel, and high-end movie theater, and a Patriots Hall of Fame.

Trying to convince my brother to get married there. And have the reception during a Pats game...

Anonymous said...

A So. Cal Bass Pro Shop eh. Great idea for a blockbuster movie---Mr. Bean Visits the Bass Pro Shop.

I'll get started on a screenplay.


Jade said...

We always found it difficult to get in any outdoorsy kinds of things like camping and fishing down in NorCal, I can't imagine trying to camp in that shrub-farm they call a "Forest" down there.

We have our very trendy "R.E.I." up here, which Dan and I are both kind of sick of. No Bass Pro shops in this area, but it looks like a Cabela's is going in just a little bit south of us... we may have to check that out.

*~*Cece*~* said...

Oh that's RIGHT! You're So. Cal resident just like me! Eek! Can you hear my excitement? lol

Your Pro Shop = Disneyland is like Home Depot being my husband's Disneyland.

So didja buy anything?

Gino said...

~cece~: i live in anahiem, not far from you at all.
and yes, i bought a 'fall classic 07' t shirt, and a can cooler for work. (i'm a big spender.)

Mercy Now said...

Did they have parking signs w/ different fish names on it like Disney w/ their characters? :o)